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  • CBD cream and CBD ointment do it yourself - two simple recipes

    10 billion bacteria cavort on your skin surface. But man's largest sense organ not only fulfills an important protective function; it is also a figurehead for beauty. With CBD cosmetics you can optimally care for your skin. In the following article we will tell you why CBD is so valuable for your skin - and how you can easily produce hemp ointment and CBD cream yourself.

    Why hemp cosmetics?
    Hemp is one of the oldest crops in the world. The CBD contained in it not only moisturises your skin - valuable ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants fulfill a multitude of functions. The CBD works fast and effectively and can, for example, relieve inflammation and pain. It relaxes muscles and tissues, stimulates cell regeneration and can fight free radicals in the body.
    For example, CBD cosmetics can help with skin conditions and blemishes such as acne or eczema. They can relieve sore muscles, relieve tension and aid in curing arthritis. CBD also has an anti-aging effect thanks to the antioxidants.
    Both creams and ointments (or CBD Balm) are ideal for your skin to absorb the CBD in the best possible way. Here are two simple recipes to make yourself.
    Recipe 1: Make CBD cream yourself
    The following CBD cream is done quickly. It has an ideal pH for the skin (between 4-6), which strengthens the natural acidity of the skin. On top of that, there are many useful ingredients.
    What you need for CBD cream:
    15ml vegetable oil
    3g of emulsan
    1-2g beeswax / shea butter / cocoa butter
    30ml of distilled water
    2g CBD oil (organic)
    Tip: For the vegetable oil you can, for example, take grapeseed oil, safflower or argan oil. Those who suffer from dry skin will find the right choice with almond oil, avocado oil or coconut oil.
    Working utensils:
    1 pot
    2 bowls (heat resistant)
    Glass container (for the finished oil)
    Tip: Clean and disinfect your hands, work surface and all utensils before making the CBD cream. This avoids bacteria or germs in the cream.
    How to prepare:
    Part 1:
    Heat 250ml of water and hang a heat resistant bowl in the pot (see: water bath).
    Let beeswax / shea butter / cocoa butter melt in the bowl.
    Add the emulsan, vegetable oil and CBD oil at will.
    Allow everything to melt, remove the bowl from the heat and allow the mixture to cool to 40 ° C (check temperature with thermometer).
    Part 2:
    Heat the distilled water in the second bowl to 40 ° C (also in a water bath).
    When the contents in both bowls reach 40 ° C, pour the bowl of distilled water into the first bowl (the right temperature is crucial, otherwise the components will not mix optimally).
    Puree the mixture until a creamy consistency is obtained.
    Fill the cream container with a spoon in the glass container.
    You can customize the basic recipe with various active ingredients, oils and extracts according to your wishes. For example, aloe vera, walnut oil or green tea are also available for skin creams.
    Recipe 2: Make CBD ointment yourself
    Our CBD ointment is also made quickly, but it has to cool down a bit longer. The ointment contains many valuable ingredients and is suitable, for example, for a deep relaxation in muscle and joint pain.
    That's what you need for CBD ointment
    1kg Vaseline or fat
    50ml CBD oil (organic)
    50g hemp tea
    20g marigold flowers
    2 chili peppers
    Tip: There are a variety of CBD oils with different CBD concentrations. What works best for you, you can only find out by testing. Our article about CBD oil dosage gives you more information.
    Working utensils:
    1 pot
    1 sieve or cloth
    Glass container (for the finished ointment)
    How to prepare:
    Part 1:
    Let the vaseline / fat melt in a pot at about 80 ° C.
    Add the hemp tea, chilli and marigold blossoms and let it drain for about two hours.
    Now the base for your CBD Balm is ready. Put them in a dark and cool place for a week.
    Part 2:
    Melt the ointment base again at 80 ° C and let it draw again for 2 hours.
    Now put the ointment in a dark and cool place for a month.
    Part 3:
    Let the ointment melt one last time (without heating it).
    Add the CBD oil.
    Pour the ointment through a sieve or cloth and remove any herbage.
    Fill finished CBD ointment into the glass jars.
    The finished ointment should have a yellow-green color. As with the CBD cream you can of course experiment with other ingredients - and customize the basic recipe of ointment to your liking.
    Store CBD cream and ointment properly
    Store CBD cream and CBD ointment in the refrigerator. Since homemade cosmetics contain no additives, the shelf life is limited (about 6-12 weeks). You can also freeze the ointment or enrich it with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil serves as a natural preservative, but has an intense odor.
    CBD or hemp cosmetics is a good choice for almost every skin type. They provide your skin with valuable ingredients, can improve the appearance of the skin and relieve skin disorders. Whether you want to make your own CBD cream or buy ready-made cosmetics: CBDNOL® has everything you need. From high-quality organic CBD oil to delicious hemp tea to the natural CBD Balm without any additives. We are looking forward to your visit.
  • CBD in sports? Athletes and athletes need to know that!

    More and more American top athletes use CBD to regenerate muscles and joints - and in Germany, cannabidiol is becoming increasingly popular with athletes. But what really brings CBD after exercise? And is not CBD a doping agent? Below we answer the most important questions about CBD in sports!

    Is CBD legal in Germany?
    The use of cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in Germany - as long as the CBD does not have more than 0.2% THC content. Authorized CBD is safe even for professional athletes: The World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD 2018 from the list of banned substances. The psychoactive component of marijuana (THC), on the other hand, remains banned - as does synthetic cannabinoids.
    Why can CBD help after sports?
    The human body possesses several cannabinoid receptors - among others in the intestine, in the central nervous system and in the cells of the immune system. These CB receptors belong to the so-called endocannabinoid system (ECS), whose importance in the human body has not yet been fully explored. The endocannabinoid system is thought to affect various body functions associated with pain perception and inhibition of inflammation and to regulate the immune system.
    Which advantages are possible?
    Anti-inflammatory effect
    Too many inflammations in the body hinder regeneration and impair performance. Sporting CBD can inhibit the production of cellular messengers (cytokines) and make inflammation fade faster and the body recover faster.
    Improved sleep quality
    Good sleep is an important factor for any athlete. CBD can make it easier to fall asleep and provide a more restful night's sleep by boosting the signaling of the body's own "Müdemacher" adenosine. In addition, CBD can be soothing and relieve anxiety, which also increases sleep quality and recovery.
    Improved regeneration
    By its anti-inflammatory effect CBD can increase the cell protection and increase the regeneration of the muscles. At the same time, cannabidiol affects the release of cortisol and estrogen, which supports muscle mass and slows down the breakdown of muscle tissue.
    Analgesic effect
    Many athletes use CBD as an alternative to painkillers (analgesics). With its sedative and anti-inflammatory effect, CBD can relieve physical pain in the sport and prevent dependency or possible side effects of traditional analgesics.
    How do I take CBD in sports?
    Everybody reacts differently to CBD. Therefore, athletes should start with a low dose - see how your body reacts to cannabidiol and how CBD affects your training and recovery. Then you can experiment and gradually increase the dosage. Basically, you can take CBD before and / or after training!
    Tip: For athletes especially CBD oil is recommended. Dropped directly onto the tongue, the CBD oil can be absorbed very quickly via the cannabinoid receptors on the oral mucosa.
    Whether improved sleep quality, less pain or faster recovery: CBD in sports can offer athletes many benefits. Above all, competitive athletes in official competitions should absolutely be careful to buy legal CBD products (maximum 0.2 THC content) from reputable suppliers. If you do, you can use CBD for your sport without hesitation!
  • CBD Oil Dosage: So much CBD should you take

    We wish we could provide you with a calculator that could easily calculate your CBD needs - but it's not that easy. Our article reveals 4 key points for properly dosing CBD oil.

    1. Understand the CBD effect
    There is no universal dosage rule for CBD oil. Many people take about 10 to 20 milligrams of CBD oil once or twice. Some only take 1 to 3mg per day, others a tiny dose every hour. Because each person is different, CBD works differently for each person.
    "The correct CBD dosage depends on many factors - from
    Weight, nutrition, metabolism and genetics. "
    A special role is played by the endocannabinoid system. This system and its so-called "CB receptors" are the reason why CBD works in the human body. A person with a well-functioning endocannabinoid system usually needs less CBD oil than someone with an urgent health problem - here, more CBD oil is needed to balance the endocannabinoid system.
    2. Start small
    Start with a small dose of CBD. Find out how your body reacts to cannabidiol and how you feel after a small dose. Then you can gradually increase the CBD dose until you find the right dosage for your body.
    We recommend: Increase your CBD amount by 25mg every week. As soon as you feel the desired effect, stop raising. If the effect wears off, increase again by 25mg. If you feel unwell or symptoms get worse, reduce the dose by 25mg.
    Tip: You can record your daily experiences in a notebook. This will not only help you find the right dosage. In hindsight, you can also understand what worked best for you.
    3. Observe the field of application
    The application also plays a role in the dosing of CBD. You can look at the following guidelines for the two most common uses of CBD - but again, what works for others does not have to work for you.
    Treatment of pain
    In CBD for chronic or acute pain, a dose of 5mg is recommended for entry. You can increase this dose gradually up to 20mg. In severe pain, you can take the CBD 1-3 times a day.
    Treatment of mental health problems
    For the treatment of depression, anxiety or other mental disorders, smaller doses are usually sufficient - typically less than 2 mg per day. Even with sleep disorders, a small dosage is recommended.
    Important: Overdose with CBD is not possible. You can experiment with the CBD dose worry-free.
    4. buy quality
    As with almost all products, quality is more important than quantity for CBD oil. Make sure you buy high-quality CBD oil - best from EU-certified BIO hemp and extracted with a gentle CO2 process. So you can be sure that your body gets the best possible ingredients.
    Finding the right dose of CBD is not rocket science. Use our guide values as a starting point. Start slowly and gradually increase until you feel the desired effect. And the most important thing: have fun! CBD is a wonderful plant substance that can bring more peace and serenity into your life in the right amount!
  • Hemp for cooking: delicious recipes and important tips

    You love delicious food and the health benefits of hemp? Why not combine both - adding hemp to food is easier than you think! Whether salad dressing, smoothies or pizza: We'll tell you how to prepare tasty and healthy dishes with the "superfood" hemp.

    Which hemp products for cooking are there?
    hemp oil
    Hemp oil (or CBD oil) is great for cooking. It has a nutty taste, many omega-3 fatty acids and can provide health benefits. From a lower cholesterol level through a stronger immune system to cell renewal!
    hemp flour
    In comparison to cereal flour, hemp flour provides more protein, minerals (folic acid, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc) and fiber. The flour is tasteless and can easily be mixed with common flour. You can also bind and refine sauces with hemp flour!
    hemp seeds
    Hemp seeds are a popular ingredient for many dishes. Not only do the little nuts taste good, they also provide many important nutrients, fatty acids and plenty of protein. You can add hemp seeds, for example, in salads, cereals or yogurts.
    By the way: hemp seeds are peeled and unpeeled. Shelled hemp seeds taste similar to sunflower seeds or sesame seeds and provide many proteins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Unpeeled hemp seeds have a solid shell and contain many fibers that can help with digestive problems and promote colon cleansing.
    Our favorite recipes with hemp
    Hemp as a salad dressing
    Hemp has long been able to do what olive oil can do! Just sprinkle some hemp oil into your salad, add a dash of lime and taste the dressing with balsamic, lemon, salt and pepper. The cashew hemp dressing by Terry Hope Romero from his book "Protein Ninja" tastes a bit more intense, but at least as delicious.
    hemp pesto
    Hemp pesto is prepared quickly. Just chop some garlic, add lemon juice, pepper and salt and pour everything with hemp oil until the desired consistency is achieved. Of course you can also take roasted cannabis seeds, refine them with a mortar to powder and mix with rapeseed oil or olive oil. We love the vegan hemp pesto with red tomatoes and marinated aubergines by Nicole Just!
    hemp Pizza
    You should definitely try the hemp pizza from! Make the dough from flour, yeast and hemp seed, top up the pizza with ingredients of your choice (for example, mozzarella, tomatoes, salami) and then bake the pizza at 220 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Probably the healthiest pizza you've ever eaten. And it tastes good too!
    Baked goods with hemp
    Fancy biscuits, bread, muffins or brownies: Mince cannabis seeds in the mix and mix the mus in the dough. Most baked goods with hemp do not take longer than 30 minutes and taste great. Also chocolate muffins with hemp and maca are worth a temptation!
    If you are looking for a sweet refreshment, you will be happy with delicious hemp ice cream. The colleagues at the Kochbar have put together a delicious recipe for a walnut hemp ice cream with dark mousse au chocolat and hemp croquant, which we absolutely must recommend!
    Hemp Smoothies
    Whether detox raspberry hemp, banana mango hemp or cocoa hemp: For delicious smoothies with hemp seeds there are many possibilities. You can live your creativity and mix the hemp seeds with fruits, vegetables of your choice and milk. With unpeeled hemp seeds, water and dates and a blender, you can even make your own hemp milk.
    What you should consider when cooking with hemp
    Start gently
    Whether cannabis seeds, hemp oil or hemp flour: Whoever cooks hemp for the first time should start with a small dosage! So you can get used to the taste and experiment until you find the perfect hemp dosage.
    Choose high quality
    As with any cooking ingredient, fresh and quality products are recommended. Choose only renowned manufacturers and first-class hemp products for cooking - especially the purity and origin of the hemp is crucial. In the shop at CBDNOL® you will find a fine selection!
    Dissolve cannabinoids with fat
    The valuable cannabinoids of the hemp plant dissolve best with fat or alcohol. For example, when cooking, add oil, butter or coconut milk to make the cannabinoids bind and be well absorbed by the body. Use at least as much water as oil or butter!
    Observe temperature
    Cannabinoids are heat sensitive. At temperatures above 145 degrees Celsius, hemp oil breaks down and loses many important nutrients - so you should never use hemp oil for frying or cooking at high temperatures. To avoid overheating, you should also stir regularly while cooking.
    Conclusion? Everybody can cook with hemp!
  • CBD and Drug Testing: 5 facts you should know

    Those who consume CBD, sweat quickly in the drug test. But are the worries justified? Can CBD even be detected in the blood - and can you lose your driving license because of CBD? We will answer that and more in this article. Here are the 5 most important facts about CBD and drug testing!

    Fact 1: CBD consumption is legal
    Buying, consuming and carrying CBD is basically legal. Here, the ratio of CBD ("cannabidiol") and THC ("tetrahydrocannabinol") plays an important role - legal CBD must not contain more than the legal limit in Germany of a maximum of 0.2 percent THC content. If this is not the case, the CBD falls under the Narcotics Act and consumption is punishable.
    By the way: The Federal Office of Agriculture and Food has approved about 50 hemp plants (with a THC content of less than 0.2%) for the production of CBD products.
    Fact 2: CBD has no psychoactive effect
    Unlike THC, CBD has no effect on perception. Even with CBD products with 0.2% THC content, you will not experience a high feeling and no physical or motor limitations. Therefore, CBD is in most cases compatible with driving without any concerns. Nevertheless, CBD beginners should not get into the car immediately after first use - CBD at very high dosage may cause effects such as tiredness or drowsiness.
    Fact 3: CBD rarely gives cause for control
    For a drug test, the police need a suspicion. Since cannabidiol has no intoxicating effect, this initial suspicion of CBD consumption is rarely given - for example, the typical red eyes or delayed reflexes are missing, as is the case with the consumption of THC. If you get in control and are very tired by CBD, the police can only forbid you to drive on. But you do not punish yourself!
    Tip: Do not use the CBD consumption in a traffic control without asking. Many people (and civil servants) are not yet sufficiently informed about cannabidiol, which can lead to misunderstandings.
    Fact 4: You can not prove CBD
    Cannabidiol is basically undetectable by a drug test. Whether CBD oil, CBD blossoms or CBD extracts: who consumes pure CBD, has nothing to fear in a control. Even with CBD products with 0.2% THC content, the drug test is usually negative - for larger amounts, however, the THC can be detected up to three weeks after consumption.
    Tip: For CBD and drug testing, a blood test is a better choice. In contrast to the on-site rapid tests, blood tests are more accurate and can differentiate between the different cannabinoids. Thus, in the best case, it can be proven that the THC present in the body was only part of a legally approved CBD product.
    Fact 5: Urine tests are always voluntary
    Nobody can force you to a urine test. Anyone who refuses to pass the drug test will rarely be taken to the police station for no good reason. This is also only possible with a judicial permit - if the initial suspicion is missing, save most of the police the effort.
    The topic of CBD and drug testing is rarely sensitive. Anyone who consumes CBD with a maximum of 0.2% THC content is on the legal side and does not make themselves punishable when driving a car. The CBD consumption is hardly noticeable for other people, has no influence on your driving ability - and the low THC content is usually not detected in the blood. Of course, this only applies to legal CBD products with a maximum content of THC of 0.2%!
  • Five Important tips for buying CBD oil

    There are many CBD oils and suppliers - not all keep what they promise. The good news? There are easily recognizable quality criteria! In our article, we'll give you 5 tips to help you avoid buying mistakes and buy high quality CBD oil.

    Tip 1: Where is the hemp grown?
    The hemp plant is a so-called bioaccumulator. Accordingly, hemp not only absorbs nutrients that are so important to the plant from soil, water and air - but also any toxins that may be present. Who does not want his body such harmful substances, must pay attention to an extension in the European Union or Switzerland. This will ensure that your CBD oil does not end up in heavy metals, herbicides or pesticides.
    Tip 2: How is the CBD oil extracted?
    The manufacturing process affects the quality, purity and effectiveness of the oil. Particularly gentle and safe is an extraction process with CO2, as we use it with CBDNOL®. Such a production allows a pure end product - because the substances are obtained in their natural form and minimizes the risk of solvent residues. At the same time, environmentally friendly CO2 extraction prevents oxidation and increases the quality of hemp oil!
    Important: Especially extraction processes with hydrocarbons (for example propane, hexane and butane) are an alarm signal - because in such a production often traces of harmful chemicals remain in the oil.
    Tip 3: What is the quality assurance?
    Almost as important as the extraction process is quality assurance. When buying CBD oil, the product should be checked for quality and purity throughout the manufacturing process. This minimizes the risk of foreign substances, bacteria, fungi & Co. in the oil and increases the likelihood of obtaining a high quality CBD oil. A certified manufacturing process is almost always a reliable quality feature.
    By the way: how well do you know about CBD oil? In our article "CBD oil for beginners" we tell you everything you need to know about CBD oil. From the difference to THC on the right intake and dosage to the greatest health benefits!
    Tip 4: What is the THC concentration?
    Non-prescription CBD oils in Germany may contain a maximum of 0.2% THC content - products with a higher THC content are no longer considered as dietary supplements (§2 Abs.3 of the German Medicines Act) and may not be sold freely. So avoid dubious providers and see that the CBD oil adheres to the legal limit. So the purchase is 100% legal and you will enjoy two important health benefits: You will not experience intoxication and avoid physical dependence!
    Tip 5: What is the CBD content?
    In contrast to the THC content, there is no legally prescribed concentration of CBD. Nevertheless, it is important that you choose the appropriate CBD content for your purposes. While most hemp oils contain around 5% CBD, CBDNOL® oils contain 3% to 24% CBD (look at CBD oils here in the shop (!). For beginners or for treating sleep disorders, mild pain or anxiety, CBD Oil with up to 5% CBD concentration For experienced CBD lovers and slightly stronger use we recommend hemp oil with at least 10% CBD content (for example our popular CBDNOL® CBD oil 15%).