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  • You should definitely avoid these 5 mistakes when buying CBD oil

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    Have you lost track of the CBD jungle? We will show you the way out of the thicket and tell you 5 mistakes that you should absolutely avoid when buying CBD oil. This article will help you distinguish good suppliers from bad ones and make an informed purchase decision!

    Mistake 1: Buy cheap CBD oils

    Many newbies choose a cheap supplier for their first CBD purchase. However, those who choose CBD oils solely for their low price should be careful: Many cheap CBD products are cheap for good reason. They often contain low-quality ingredients or low levels of CBD.

    Conversely, a high price is of course not a sign of quality. But the fact is that almost all good CBD oils have their price - because the production of a high quality oil requires high-tech equipment, highly qualified professionals and both comprehensive and independent laboratory tests. This is the only way to gently extract the CBD with its valuable ingredients from the plant-based source.

    Mistake 2: Not checking the source of the hemp

    Good CBD oil doesn't work without good hemp. Make sure you only buy CBD oil made from EU-certified hemp plants. This is the only way you can be sure that your CBD comes from high-quality hemp and is healthy. Hemp from the USA is also of high quality.

    Warm is that so important?

    Because hemp is a bioaccumulator. The plant absorbs everything from its environment and accumulates it in its tissue - including dangerous chemicals, heavy metals or other toxins from contaminated soil. Many farmers in other countries also use harmful pesticides and herbicides to build up, which are also absorbed by hemp. This is particularly the case in China and other regions of Asia.

    Mistake 3: disregarding the CBD concentration

    Whether 2%, 5% or 10%: CBD oils are available in different concentrations. When trying CBD for the first time, a low concentration of CBD is often sufficient. As a beginner, you probably won't need a lot of CBD to feel any effects.

    Tip: We always recommend our customers to increase the dose gradually. Start small, see how your body reacts, and then gradually increase your dose.

    Error 4: disregard THC concentration

    Basically, CBD oil can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana. If a company uses marijuana as a source for its CBD oil, that product will contain higher amounts of THC.

    In Germany (and many other European countries), however, not every CBD oil is legal. Make sure that your CBD oil does not contain more than 0.2% THC so that you are legally on the safe side. With most reputable providers like CBDNOL, you shouldn't have to worry.

    Mistake 5: expecting miracles

    Whether stress, headaches or epileptic seizures: According to numerous studies, CBD seems to have promising modes of action. Even so, don't expect miracles if you don't want to be disappointed after purchasing CBD.

    For the most part, CBD is not a quick fix to your problems. Every body reacts differently to CBD and it is very possible that CBD does not work for you. Perhaps it will take your body several weeks or even months for the CBD oil to interact with your endocannabinoid system and for you to feel the first benefits. Be patient!