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  • Buying CBD: Beware of these 7 beginner mistakes!

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    Are you looking to buy CBD for the first time? Then you are exactly right here. Here are 7 mistakes that you should definitely avoid when buying CBD. Have fun reading!

    Mistake 1: You are not doing research

    There are many different CBD products available. Whether CBD oil (CBD drops), CBD flowers, CBD pollen (hash) or CBD liquid: As a CBD newbie, take some time to deal with the topic of CBD. Above all, learn about the CBD effects and the advantages and disadvantages of the various CBD products. You can then choose a suitable CBD product for your needs.

    By the way: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is safe for most people. According to this, CBD has no serious side effects and, unlike THC, does not put its users into a state of intoxication.

    Mistake 2: You see CBD as a "magical cure"

    CBD has many health benefits. Nevertheless, you shouldn't expect miracles - not even from a CBD oil test winner or CBD oil from the pharmacy. CBD works differently for each person and sometimes you have to take CBD for several weeks or months until the desired effect occurs.

    In addition, research on CBD is still in its infancy. The CBD effect has not yet been confirmed beyond doubt - even if people all over the world report positive experiences with CBD. Just take a look at our nearly 10,000 positive reviews!

    Mistake 3: You are buying poor quality CBD

    There are many CBD providers. But CBD is not just CBD - the quality of the individual products can vary greatly depending on the provider. Before you buy CBD for a lot of money, make sure you are buying high quality CBD products. After all, it's about your health!

    How do you recognize high quality CBD? High-quality CBD comes from EU-certified hemp plants, contains only valuable and healthy additives (for example with CBD oil) and, in the case of CBD oil, is obtained using a gentle CO2 extraction process. Also take a look at the reviews of the CBD shop.

    Mistake 4: You are overlooking possible interactions

    CBD can cause problems with other drugs. Therefore, caution should be exercised when taking prescription drugs. Make sure that the effects of the CBD do not interfere with other drugs! In such a case, it is best to discuss the intake with your doctor beforehand.

    Mistake 5: You are buying the "wrong" CBD concentration

    Whether you buy CBD oil or CBD flowers: CBD comes in different strengths. Every person is different. This is why you need to take some time to find the optimal concentration of CBD for your body.

    Many beginners buy the highest concentration straight away. But that's not always the best choice. When you first try CBD, your body is likely to be very sensitive to CBD. Then you don't need a high concentration to feel the CBD effect. Read more in our article; "CBD Oil Experiences".

    Mistake 6: You are buying from a dubious CBD shop

    The competition on the CBD market is fierce. This gives you as a consumer many options, but the purchase decision is often more confusing and difficult. Take the time to research different brands and read reviews. You can also find out about independent laboratory tests - which brings us to our last big mistake.

    Mistake 7: You are not paying attention to independent testing

    Serious CBD shops always have their CBD products tested by independent laboratories. Such tests primarily examine the purity of the CBD and the ratio between the various cannabinoids and Terpenes. Trusted CBD shops either make such lab reports available on their websites or send them to you upon request. If a CBD shop doesn't do that, you'd better be careful ... and choose a transparent supplier.


    So there are a few things to consider when you buy CBD Oil. With our tips, you will be sure to make mistakes & amp; Avoid disappointment and buy high quality CBD from reputable suppliers. If you have any further questions or would like personal advice, we are always available for you. Simply contact us or visit us in one of our CBDNOL shops in Germany and Austria. We look forward to seeing you!