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  • How CBD can help against acne

    CBD acne

    Acne is a widespread skin problem, especially in adolescents during puberty. Although the disease is not dangerous, it puts a lot of stress on those affected. Recent research shows that CBD is a powerful tool in the fight against acne. But what does science say exactly?

    What is acne?

    Acne is one of the world's most widespread skin diseases, which predominantly occurs during puberty and, more rarely, beyond. The expression differs from person to person. In most cases, acne shows up as pimples, pustules and blackheads in the area of ​​the face, less often in the area of ​​the back and cleavage.

    The most common type is acne vulgaris , the common acne. Depending on the severity, it is divided into three different levels, ranging from pimples and blackheads on the face as the lightest level to inflamed lumps that leave scars in the most severe level.

    Acne is a hormonal disease that heals in most cases by the end of puberty. The cause of acne lies in the male sex hormones, the so-called androgens . These androgens are also produced by women, especially during puberty. They stimulate the skin's sebum production. The sebum is released through the pores. Due to the hormonal changes during puberty, more horn material is produced, which clogs the pore ducts. The sebum that escapes attracts bacteria - inflammation occurs.

    But not only the hormonal fluctuations during puberty are a trigger of acne, but also, for example, increased stress and psychological stress, or numerous drugs such as psychotropic drugs or antibiotics. An improper diet can also lead to increased sebum production and, in severe cases, acne.

    How does CBD help with acne ?

    Acne is a very unpleasant problem for those affected. The illness is often associated with shame and decreased self-confidence. In particularly severe cases, depression can also occur. There are, depending on the severity, an almost innumerable number of treatment options, but in quite a few cases they hardly bring the hoped-for benefit.

    Studies from Hungary show that CBD can be used to treat acne. Scientists found that endocanabinoid receptors that interact with CBD are also present in the sebum glands and hair follicles. CBD inhibits the breakdown of the body's own endocannabinoid anandamide . This in turn inhibits the increased sebum production of the sebum glands.

    But not only the causes of acne itself can be treated with CBD. Since the sebum ducts clog in acne and the affected regions become inflamed, CBD also counteracts this. CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect and thus has the ability to successfully treat the external consequences of acne. There is less inflammation and the complexion normalizes.

    Further positive effects of CBD for the skin

    In addition to the inhibiting effect on sebum production and the anti-inflammatory effect, CBD Cosmetic has many other promising effects on the skin and the complexion. This soothes irritated, reddened skin and regulates oily and greasy skin. Due to the reduced sebum production, there are fewer skin blemishes such as pimples, pustules and blackheads. In addition, the pH value of the skin is stabilized.

    Since CBD is a natural product and has no side effects, it also helps to improve and beautify the complexion as a whole, whether with or without acne.


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