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  • CBD in coffee: the ultimate combo for caffeine junkies?

    Coffee CBD

    Have you heard of CBD coffee? This combination is currently in vogue – because CBD seems to reduce the unwanted side effects of caffeine. In the following we will introduce you to the new trend drink and take a look at how CBD can work in coffee.

    What is CBD coffee?

    CBD coffee is a new trend among coffee lovers. As the name suggests, this is coffee with CBD (a few drops of CBD oil in most cases). The thought behind it? The beneficial properties of CBD with the positive properties of caffeine too associate! This is supposed to bring a whole range of unique advantages, which we will present to you in the next section.

    CBD coffee:

    Possible benefits

    Coffee drinkers hope that CBD will prolong the stimulating and activating effects of caffeine. The theory: The chemical structure of CBD and caffeine is very similar: Both substances dock to the same receptors in the brain and are broken down by the liver. Since the body now has to break down two substances at the same time, the Effects of CBD coffee last longer.

    But that's not all:

    Fewer side effects

      CBD appears to reduce caffeine side effects. For example, CBD can lower heart rate, minimize the blood pressure-increasing effect of caffeine, and improve body awareness. So, CBD coffee may offer a perfect balance between the activating effects of caffeine and the calming effects of CBD.

      Mental Alertness

        CBD in moderate doses can increase mental alertness. Because CBD   affects the metabolism of neurotransmitters and thus increases our alertness, CBD could theoretically increase the waking effects of caffeine (without increasing the unwanted side effects). In addition, CBD can improve memory and concentration.

        Better sleep

          CBD has a relaxing effect and can lead to better sleep despite the activating caffeine effect. Why is that? CBD stimulates the production of serotonin, which improves general well-being and reduces stress. However, you should not drink CBD coffee before bed; in the afternoon, coffee with CBD might be a good choice.

          Studies on CBD coffee

          There are no studies that explicitly deal with CBD coffee. However, both CBD and caffeine have already been studied in isolation - and some similarities have been scientifically confirmed:

          CBD and coffee reduce free radicals. 
          CBD and coffee affect metabolism.
          CBD and coffee interact with the nervous system.
          CBD and coffee improve mood (by increasing serotonin levels).

            In addition, there are some studies that have examined CBD in the treatment of anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and other symptoms and diseases. A positive effect of CBD has been confirmed in many studies.

            3 Common Questions About CBD Coffee

            1. How does CBD coffee taste?

            CBD in coffee can hardly be tasted. With a suitable dosage (do not use too many CBD drops!), your CBD coffee should taste just  like "normal" coffee.

            1. How to prepare CBD coffee?

            You can make your own CBD coffee quickly and easily:

            You need CBD oil and freshly brewed coffee. If you want, you can of course also use instant coffee.
            Add a few drops of CBD Oil to your coffee and stir until the CBD and coffee have mixed well.
            Drink yours CBD coffee immediately or conjure up a latte macchiato, cappuccino or another coffee of your choice.
            1. Who isn't CBD coffee for?

                  Pregnant, breastfeeding women, children and adolescents should definitely discuss CBD intake (whether with or without coffee) with their doctor. Apart from these groups of people, CBD is well tolerated by the vast majority of people. Side effects are not known.

                  Concluding remarks

                  CBD and coffee seem to complement each other well. Theoretically, CBD can reduce unwanted caffeine side effects while providing a whole host of unique benefits. But it is also clear: the effect of CBD coffee has not yet been scientifically confirmed. As with any other dietary supplement, the same applies to CBD: give it a try and see how your body reacts. Start with a small dose and gradually increase your dose as needed.