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  • CBD and meditation: How to meditate better with CBD

    CBD and meditation

    Would you like to switch off more easily? Deepen your meditation or reduce stress before meditating? Then CBD could offer an excellent solution. Below we tell you everything you need to know about CBD and meditation.

    What is meditation about?

    For millennia, people all over the world have been meditating to relieve stress and free themselves from thoughts. The overall goal can differ depending on the form of meditation - but almost always it is about a deep state of awareness and inner peace. And that's exactly why CBD, with its calming properties, can offer a wonderful support for meditation. More and more people consume before their Meditation CBD drops!

    4 reasons for meditation with CBD

    • CBD and meditation work in a similar way.

    Meditation and CBD have a similar effect on the human body: For example, both meditation and CBD reduce stress, can relieve anxiety and panic, relieve pain, reduce depression and increase well-being. In addition, both increase the level of serotonin (happy hormones) in our body. CBD + meditation - that sounds like a perfect synergy!

    • CBD can help release.

    If you have a lot to do, it often takes longer to get into deep meditation. CBD can make this easier and ensure that you can de-stress and let go of your thoughts before you meditate. You could meditate more relaxed with CBD and reach the desired state of consciousness faster.

    • CBD is suitable for beginners and professionals.

    Just starting out with meditation? Then you could use CBD to make it easier to focus while meditating and to turn off wandering thoughts more easily. Those who are already experienced in meditation, on the other hand, can often extend the duration of the meditation with CBD.

    • CBD relieves pain when meditating.

    People who meditate for a long time often have to deal with back pain. CBD has an analgesic effect and can relieve sudden or chronic pain and relax muscles. This is how cannabidiol (CBD) can increase your well-being when meditating and create the best conditions for successful meditation.

    4 questions about meditation with CBD

    • How should I take CBD?

    CBD for meditation is best as CBD oil to take. Simply drip the drops directly under your tongue and swish the oil around in your mouth for about a minute. This allows the oral mucosa to easily absorb the CBD and direct it into the bloodstream. Then you can swallow the CBD oil.

    Tip: If you don't like the taste of CBD oil, you can also consume it with drinks or food. But then it often takes longer for the desired effect to occur.

    • When should I take CBD for meditation?

    You should find out for yourself. Some people consume their CBD oil around half an hour before meditating. Others use a time window of one hour before meditation or take the CBD oil regularly and permanently. Experiment with what works best for you and your meditation!

    • How much CBD oil do I need?

    The individual daily dose varies from person to person. Again, there is no clear dosage recommendation. Our advice: start with a small dosage (for example two drops of CBD oil from CBDNOL) and observe how your body reacts. If necessary, you can then gradually increase the dosage until the desired effect occurs.

    • Are there studies on meditation with CBD?

    The use of CBD for meditation has not yet been scientifically researched. However, there are many studies that have confirmed a variety of positive effects and modes of action of CBD (e.g. for anxiety, stress or physical pain). When it comes to CBD and meditation, there have been mainly positive reports so far.

    Concluding remarks

    CBD and meditation: This could be a perfect combination to quickly and sustainably recover from the stress of everyday life and to enter a deep state of inner peace. The most important requirement for this? Your willingness to meditate and a quality CBD oil. Feel free to browse through our range and meditate with CBD next time!