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  • CBD cream and CBD ointment do it yourself - two simple recipes

    CBD cream and CBD ointment do it yourself - two simple recipes

    10 billion bacteria cavort on your skin surface. But man's largest sense organ not only fulfills an important protective function; it is also a figurehead for beauty. With CBD cosmetics you can optimally care for your skin. In the following article we will tell you why CBD is so valuable for your skin - and how you can easily produce hemp ointment and CBD cream yourself.

    Why hemp cosmetics?
    Hemp is one of the oldest crops in the world. The CBD contained in it not only moisturises your skin - valuable ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants fulfill a multitude of functions. The CBD works fast and effectively and can, for example, relieve inflammation and pain. It relaxes muscles and tissues, stimulates cell regeneration and can fight free radicals in the body.
    For example, CBD cosmetics can help with skin conditions and blemishes such as acne or eczema. They can relieve sore muscles, relieve tension and aid in curing arthritis. CBD also has an anti-aging effect thanks to the antioxidants.
    Both creams and ointments (or CBD Balm) are ideal for your skin to absorb the CBD in the best possible way. Here are two simple recipes to make yourself.
    Recipe 1: Make CBD cream yourself
    The following CBD cream is done quickly. It has an ideal pH for the skin (between 4-6), which strengthens the natural acidity of the skin. On top of that, there are many useful ingredients.
    What you need for CBD cream:
    15ml vegetable oil
    3g of emulsan
    1-2g beeswax / shea butter / cocoa butter
    30ml of distilled water
    2g CBD oil (organic)
    Tip: For the vegetable oil you can, for example, take grapeseed oil, safflower or argan oil. Those who suffer from dry skin will find the right choice with almond oil, avocado oil or MCT coconut oil.
    Working utensils:
    1 pot
    2 bowls (heat resistant)
    Glass container (for the finished oil)
    Tip: Clean and disinfect your hands, work surface and all utensils before making the CBD cream. This avoids bacteria or germs in the cream.
    How to prepare:
    Part 1:
    Heat 250ml of water and hang a heat resistant bowl in the pot (see: water bath).
    Let beeswax / shea butter / cocoa butter melt in the bowl.
    Add the emulsan, vegetable oil and CBD oil at will.
    Allow everything to melt, remove the bowl from the heat and allow the mixture to cool to 40 ° C (check temperature with thermometer).
    Part 2:
    Heat the distilled water in the second bowl to 40 ° C (also in a water bath).
    When the contents in both bowls reach 40 ° C, pour the bowl of distilled water into the first bowl (the right temperature is crucial, otherwise the components will not mix optimally).
    Puree the mixture until a creamy consistency is obtained.
    Fill the cream container with a spoon in the glass container.
    You can customize the basic recipe with various active ingredients, oils and extracts according to your wishes. For example, aloe vera, walnut oil or green tea are also available for skin creams.
    Recipe 2: Make CBD ointment yourself
    Our CBD ointment is also made quickly, but it has to cool down a bit longer. The ointment contains many valuable ingredients and is suitable, for example, for a deep relaxation in muscle and joint pain.
    That's what you need for CBD ointment
    1kg Vaseline or fat
    50ml CBD oil (organic)
    50g hemp tea
    20g marigold flowers
    2 chili peppers
    Tip: There are a variety of CBD oils with different CBD concentrations. What works best for you, you can only find out by testing. Our article about CBD oil dosage gives you more information.
    Working utensils:
    1 pot
    1 sieve or cloth
    Glass container (for the finished ointment)
    How to prepare:
    Part 1:
    Let the vaseline / fat melt in a pot at about 80 ° C.
    Add the hemp tea, chilli and marigold blossoms and let it drain for about two hours.
    Now the base for your CBD Balm is ready. Put them in a dark and cool place for a week.
    Part 2:
    Melt the ointment base again at 80 ° C and let it draw again for 2 hours.
    Now put the ointment in a dark and cool place for a month.
    Part 3:
    Let the ointment melt one last time (without heating it).
    Add the CBD oil.
    Pour the ointment through a sieve or cloth and remove any herbage.
    Fill finished CBD ointment into the glass jars.
    The finished ointment should have a yellow-green color. As with the CBD cream you can of course experiment with other ingredients - and customize the basic recipe of ointment to your liking.
    Store CBD cream and ointment properly
    Store CBD cream and CBD ointment in the refrigerator. Since homemade cosmetics contain no additives, the shelf life is limited (about 6-12 weeks). You can also freeze the ointment or enrich it with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil serves as a natural preservative, but has an intense odor.
    CBD cosmetics is a good choice for almost every skin type. They provide your skin with valuable ingredients, can improve the appearance of the skin and relieve skin disorders. Whether you want to make your own CBD cream or buy ready-made cosmetics: CBDNOL® has everything you need. From high-quality organic CBD oil to delicious hemp tea to the natural CBD Balm without any additives. We are looking forward to your visit.