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  • CBD Flowers in Austria

    CBD Flowers in Austria
    Why can you legally buy CBD flowers in Austria?

    Hardly a week goes by without reading about a newly opened shop in the newspapers that officially sells CBD flowers.

     Not only in the big cities of Austria, such as Vienna, Graz, Linz or Salzburg, you can now find such special shops several times, but also in the rural area, these shops literally shoot out of the ground like mushrooms.

    This phenomenon should slowly have gone no one in Austria more. Cinema ads showing us just where the finest flowers are, Facebook advertising of tens of different varieties - and probably soon a CBD-Blossom Cup, where the best flowers of Austria are chosen - this is now the status quo in the Alpine republic.
     Hemp shops have jumped on the bandwagon as well and the many online shops that join in every week can hardly be counted anymore. Somewhere between idealism and the gold rush mood, there is the motivation for this "new" business model. But many people still ask themselves: how can all that be legal?

    "Drug hemp" and "hemp"
    The reason for this is quite simple: The law distinguishes in so-called "drug hemp" and "Nutzhanf". As the name implies, the term "drug hemp" in the legal sense refers to those hemp varieties that are suitable for use for intoxicating purposes. In practice, this is judged on the basis of the THC content:
     The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is mainly responsible for the intoxicating or psychoactive effect must be in the dry matter of the flowers, or the starting material over 0.3%, to legally apply as an "addictive poison".

     "Hemp", on the other hand, may be officially grown in the EU since 1996. It is important that the varieties contain below 0.3% THC and are listed in the current EU list of varieties in the year of cultivation and thus approved. Depending on the country, the possession of such flowers or derived products is legal as long as they are below the limits. Hemp varieties below 0.3% THC, which are not listed in the catalog of EU varieties, are considered illegal in Austria (see attached PDF).

     In Austria, the first companies that sold hemp flowers were more or less in a gray area. Since the amendment of the Narcotic Drug Ordinance on 30.10.2017, there is clarity for now - and a legally legal framework for the sale was made possible.

    What is Hemp?

    So it would actually have been possible for the last 20 years in Austria to grow and own CBD flowers. The "new" thing about it is that the recognition is simply new.

     That is to say, 20 years ago, we did not know as much about the ingredients of hemp plants as we know today. Or even if you already knew a lot, the knowledge about it was not spread to this extent, as is the case today through the Internet and social media. When there was more and more evidence from his research on certain ingredients - especially about cannabidiol and it became known that even in hemp varieties that are legally allowed to be grown - relatively high levels of CBD and CBDa are included, one thing led to the other.

     Now it was through pioneering work and attempts to find varieties that are rich in CBD and low in THC - and thus legal. When this was done, it triggered a domino effect. More and more companies began to do research in this area - as initially accessible information was limited.