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  • CBD flowers: frequently asked questions

    CBD flowers: frequently asked questions

    Would you like to smoke CBD flowers? Maybe you already have experience with CBD oil and would like to try CBD flowers for the first time? Then you should read this article. In the following we answer the 5 most common questions about "CBD flowers". Have fun reading!

    1. Will I get high from CBD flowers?

    Anyone who smokes CBD flowers is guaranteed not to get high. Like THC, CBD comes from the hemp plant - but unlike THC, CBD does not put you in a state of intoxication. That is why CBD flowers are legal and freely available in Germany. Legal CBD flowers may contain a maximum of 0.2% THC.

    1. How does smoking CBD feel?

    The CBD effect can be very different. Depending on how much you smoke, how much experience you have with CBD and how your body reacts to CBD flowers.

    Although CBD flowers won't get you high, you will probably feel something.

    You may even feel a "buzz". This buzz is more like a feeling of elation after exercising. You are "high" on happiness hormones and feel right at home. Some people also report that they feel calmer and more focused after consuming CBD flowers.

    By the way: The more you smoke CBD, the more your body gets used to the CBD. You will continue to benefit from CBD, but you will probably not feel the effects as strongly anymore.

    1. How do CBD flowers taste?

    CBD flowers are intense in taste. Have you smoked cannabis before? CBD flowers taste just like hemp flowers. This is mainly due to the terpenes in the CBD buds. What's so special about it? Hemp has over 200 terpenes. That is why every hemp variety has a unique terpene profile that offers slightly different tastes and smells.

    By the way: Terpenes are responsible for the aromatic smell. The more terpenes a plant has, the stronger its scent.

    1. Can I smoke too much CBD flowers?

    CBD side effects are not known. In the worst case, it can lead to minor side effects such as drowsiness or loss of appetite. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies CBD as absolutely harmless. There is also no risk of CBD addiction.

    Important: CBD is not a "panacea". Smoking CBD flowers is not intended to cure or treat physical or mental ailments. Be aware of this!

    1. Does CBD flowers make smoking hungry?

    As a rule, CBD flowers do not make you hungry. It is the THC that can induce cravings in people. In fact, THC is used in medicine to stimulate the appetite in people with diseases such as HIV, cancer or anorexia nervosa.

    CBD probably works differently. According to various animal experiments, CBD inhibits appetite and reduces food intake. According to a study with human subjects (2010), CBD only stimulated hunger in 6.35% of the participants.

    Closing words

    CBD flowers are not one of the most popular CBD products for nothing. If you want to buy high quality CBD flowers, you are in the right place in our CBD flower shop . We look forward to your visit! Or learn more in our Article: "CBD flowers: the alternative for smokers".