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  • Can CBD improve the skin?

    CBD Skin improve

    According to scientific studies, CBD can do a lot - but can cannabidiol contribute to healthy and smooth skin? Maybe even fight wrinkles and slow down the aging process? In the following we look at current studies and get to the bottom of these questions. But first we have to understand one thing: Why does our skin actually age?

    How the aging process works ...
    Old moth! At some point it hits everyone and the wrinkles appear. Why is that? Because our skin loses its resilience and elasticity with increasing age - this happens when the body produces less collagen and elasticity. These two proteins are essential for the elasticity of the skin. At the same time, the sebum glands produce less fat, which removes moisture from the skin and makes it drier.

    This is the normal biological aging process. On top of that, there are other factors that can accelerate aging. These include, for example, the sun, alcohol or tobacco consumption. Unhealthy diet, low in antioxidants, and excessive stress also play a role.

    ... and what you can do against skin aging
    Of course, you should avoid the risk factors mentioned above. Some people also resort to plastic surgery or remedies like botox - but this is not very natural. Optimal would be a natural treatment that combats impurities and leaves the skin looking clean, young and fresh. If various studies are to be believed, this may be possible with CBD.

    CBD, wrinkles and an anti-aging effect?
    CBD is known to come from a plant - so it's not surprising that CBD has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants bind free radicals and avoid oxidative stress. This can counteract the aging process, reduce inflammation and improve the complexion. CBD cosmetics can help with wrinkles, blemishes and inflammation.
    Of course, there are many other antioxidants that can be said to be the same. What science has proven in this context, however, is that CBD contains very strong antioxidant properties - and is perhaps even more effective than vitamins C and E. A study from 1998 by the Proceedings of the U.S. The National Academy of Sciences showed that "" cannabidiol was better at protecting against the neurotoxicity of glutamate than either ascorbate or α-tocopherol, suggesting that CBD has very high antioxidant properties.

    What can CBD also do for the skin?

    CBD for acne
    Acne is an inflammatory disease. That is why everything that reduces inflammation and soothes the skin makes sense with acne. This is where CBD comes in, which has anti-inflammatory properties - this has been shown by numerous studies. By soothing acne skin and reducing inflammation, you will minimize pimple formation and reduce redness. You feel better and you look better!

    • CBD for sensitive skin
    CBD oil can have a calming effect. This can help with skin sensitivities such as redness and minimize rashes, for example. All skin types are affected by external stress factors, so calming down the skin almost always makes sense! Studies also show that CBD can reduce excess sebum production from the skin's pores.

    By the way: CBD is now available in numerous variants. For example, you can dribble CBD oils on your tongue, take CBD capsules, vape CBD flowers or apply CBD cosmetics directly to your skin. CBD cosmetics include a wide variety of products such as creams, gels, lotions, serums or CBD balms. If you want to use CBD for a better complexion, CBD cosmetics are often the best choice.

    Buying CBD cosmetics: what you should pay attention to

    • Pay attention to the ingredients. Many cosmetics contain ingredients that are harmful to our skin. It is best to keep your hands off products with parabens, paraffins, silicone oils, microplastics, polyethylene glycols and synthetic fragrances!

    • Make sure that the list of ingredients says cannabidiol. Hemp seed oil or extract can also be useful, but they are not the same as CBD oil!

    Many brands differentiate between "CBD Isolate", "Full Spectrum CBD" and "Broad Spectrum CBD" for their CBD. None of these terms are regulated, but the terms can be useful distinguishing features:

    • CBD isolate refers to pure CBD. It does not contain any other cannabinoids or other naturally occurring substances such as flavonoids or terpenes.

    • Full spectrum CBD contains everything that is found in the hemp plant in addition to CBD - including trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids such as CBG (cannabigerol) and other antioxidant compounds.

    • Broad spectrum CBD also contains everything that is found in the hemp plant in addition to CBD - with the exception of THC. Broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC.

    Closing word
    It has been scientifically proven that antioxidants can slow down the aging process of the skin. Science has also shown that CBD is a particularly potent antioxidant plant substance - therefore it is reasonable to assume that CBD can improve the complexion and contribute to young and smooth skin. Initial studies seem to confirm this assumption. But it is also clear that research is still in its infancy. Further studies are needed to further research and confirm the effectiveness of CBD.

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