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  • CBD in sports? Athletes and athletes need to know that!

    CBD in sports

    More and more American top athletes use CBD to regenerate muscles and joints - and in Germany, cannabidiol is becoming increasingly popular with athletes. But what really brings CBD after exercise? And is not CBD a doping agent? Below we answer the most important questions about CBD in sports!

    Is CBD legal in Germany?
    The use of cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in Germany - as long as the CBD does not have more than 0.2% THC content. Authorized CBD is safe even for professional athletes: The World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD 2018 from the list of banned substances. The psychoactive component of marijuana (THC), on the other hand, remains banned - as does synthetic cannabinoids.
    Why can CBD help after sports?
    The human body possesses several cannabinoid receptors - among others in the intestine, in the central nervous system and in the cells of the immune system. These CB receptors belong to the so-called endocannabinoid system (ECS), whose importance in the human body has not yet been fully explored. The endocannabinoid system is thought to affect various body functions associated with pain perception and inhibition of inflammation and to regulate the immune system.
    Which advantages are possible?
    Anti-inflammatory effect
    Too many inflammations in the body hinder regeneration and impair performance. Sporting CBD can inhibit the production of cellular messengers (cytokines) and make inflammation fade faster and the body recover faster.
    Improved sleep quality
    Good sleep is an important factor for any athlete. CBD can make it easier to fall asleep and provide a more restful night's sleep by boosting the signaling of the body's own "Müdemacher" adenosine. In addition, CBD can be soothing and relieve anxiety, which also increases sleep quality and recovery.
    Improved regeneration
    By its anti-inflammatory effect CBD can increase the cell protection and increase the regeneration of the muscles. At the same time, cannabidiol affects the release of cortisol and estrogen, which supports muscle mass and slows down the breakdown of muscle tissue.
    Analgesic effect
    Many athletes use CBD as an alternative to painkillers (analgesics). With its sedative and anti-inflammatory effect, CBD can relieve physical pain in the sport and prevent dependency or possible side effects of traditional analgesics.
    How do I take CBD in sports?
    Everybody reacts differently to CBD. Therefore, athletes should start with a low dose - see how your body reacts to cannabidiol and how CBD affects your training and recovery. Then you can experiment and gradually increase the dosage. Basically, you can take CBD before and / or after training!
    Tip: For athletes especially CBD oil is recommended. Dropped directly onto the tongue, the CBD oil can be absorbed very quickly via the cannabinoid receptors on the oral mucosa.
    Whether improved sleep quality, less pain or faster recovery: CBD in sports can offer athletes many benefits. Above all, competitive athletes in official competitions should absolutely be careful to buy legal CBD products (maximum 0.2 THC content) from reputable suppliers. If you do, you can use CBD for your sport without hesitation!