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  • Buying CBD oil: why is it so expensive?

    cbd oil buy expensive

    Are you puzzled at the CBD oil prices? In this article, we'll explain why CBD oils cost so much money. We'll also introduce you to 3 factors that can drive up the price of CBD oil.

    What does CBD oil cost?

    CBD oil can cost between 20 and 200 euros. That is not a small amount, but the high prices are almost necessary for manufacturers. Why is that? The production of CBD oil is far from cheap. If you want to produce high-quality CBD drops, you need expensive special equipment, trained specialists and high-quality hemp plants.

    There are also complex legal requirements. For legal CBD products, the cultivation and harvest of the CBD must be closely monitored. From seeds to sales, manufacturers and CBD shop must meet strict legal requirements. That also drives up the manufacturing costs.

    CBD oil: The 3 biggest cost factors

    1. Organic certification

    The organic certification of a CBD oil is a quality feature. However, before certification can be awarded, manufacturers must meet numerous standards. Organic plantations, for example, are regularly inspected - and everything from fertilizers to harvesting practices must come from an approved list. Growing and harvesting hemp according to these standards is time-consuming and expensive. For this, you get a CBD oil of the highest quality at the end of the day. This is why organic CBD oils are often more expensive than conventional CBD oil.

    1. Extraction methods

    After the harvest, the CBD is extracted. By far the best method for harvesting is to use supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2). This extraction method works simply explained as follows:

    • The CO2 is heated, pressurized and then fed into the finely ground hemp plants.
    • There the CO2 dissolves and binds with the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of the hemp plant. In this way, the CBD is separated from the plant material gently and without chemicals.

    This CO2 process is not only by far the most precise, safest and most environmentally friendly extraction method. CO2 extraction is also significantly more expensive than other methods. Cheap CBD oils usually use other extraction methods. The oils are of lesser quality and may contain impurities such as plant material or solvents.

    1. Laboratory tests

    Independent laboratory tests are essential. This is the only way you as a customer can actually be sure that the CBD is of high quality and free of harmful substances. Therefore, when you buy CBD oil, you should definitely pay attention to the laboratory tests.

    Most laboratory tests examine both the cannabinoids and the terpene profile and possible contaminants. Since the tests have to be repeated with a sample from each batch of each product, there are additional costs for manufacturers and CBD shops.

    Why are some CBD oils so cheap?

    Many cost factors mean many savings opportunities. Those who place less value on quality can save a lot of costs in the production of CBD oil. Of course, not every cheap product is bad per se. In most cases, however, caution is advised with particularly cheap CBD oils. Then look double and triple on lab tests, reviews, and ingredients.

    Also pay attention to the following two points:

    • Many cheap CBD oils contain CBD isolate. When you buy the CBD oil, you only get CBD and not the full cannabinoid spectrum of the hemp plant. According to the so-called entourage effect, however, CBD works best together with other cannabinoids. In total, the hemp plant has over 100 cannabinoids.
    • If you want to buy CBD oil, you should always check products carefully. Some CBD shops sell hemp seed oil or other cheaper oils than CBD oil. Although hemp seed oil has advantages, it cannot be compared with real CBD oil.

    Buying CBD Oil: How Much Should I Pay?

    The prices for CBD oil (CBD drops) can vary greatly.

    If you are new to CBD, we recommend buying a low strength CBD oil. In our CBD Shop you will find, for example, organic CBD oil with 3% or 5% CBD content. That will cost you between 20 and 35 euros.

    If you want to buy stronger CBD oil, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. High-quality CBD oil with 10%, 15% or 25% costs between 70 and 200 euros.

    Tip: Don't save in the wrong place with CBD. As with any dietary supplement, quality is the alpha and omega - after all, it's about your health. Choose the best quality, iie fits your budget!

    How to choose a reputable CBD shop

    Follow this checklist:

    • Look for well-known retailers with good reputations and lots of customer reviews on independent sites like Trustpilot.
    • Look for CBD shops that have their products tested comprehensively by independent organizations (e.g. ARGE CANNA).
    • Expect clear product information. Above all, this includes the exact amount of CBD that the CBD oil contains in milligrams (for example "1000mg CBD").
    • Watch out for medical claims. Reputable dealers will not make such statements about their CBD oil. Promises of healing are forbidden in Germany and in many other countries.
    • Organic certificates are a clear sign of quality. Organic CBD oils are always produced gently and under strict conditions.

    Closing words

    There are good reasons for the high price of Organic CBD oil. Most importantly, the price reflects a number of elaborate processes, expensive equipment, and strict legal requirements. Use our checklist to avoid disappointment when choosing your CBD oil. If you want to buy CBD oil, you can also stop by our CBDNOL CBD Shop. We look forward to you!