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  • CBD Oil Dosage: So much CBD should you take

    CBD Oil Dosage

    We wish we could provide you with a calculator that could easily calculate your CBD needs - but it's not that easy. Our article reveals 4 key points for properly dosing CBD oil.

    1. Understand the CBD effect
    There is no universal dosage rule for CBD oil. Many people take about 10 to 20 milligrams of CBD oil once or twice. Some only take 1 to 3mg per day, others a tiny dose every hour. Because each person is different, CBD works differently for each person.
    "The correct CBD dosage depends on many factors - from
    Weight, nutrition, metabolism and genetics. "
    A special role is played by the endocannabinoid system. This system and its so-called "CB receptors" are the reason why CBD works in the human body. A person with a well-functioning endocannabinoid system usually needs less CBD oil than someone with an urgent health problem - here, more CBD oil is needed to balance the endocannabinoid system.
    2. Start small
    Start with a small dose of CBD. Find out how your body reacts to cannabidiol and how you feel after a small dose. Then you can gradually increase the CBD dose until you find the right dosage for your body.
    We recommend: Increase your CBD amount by 25mg every week. As soon as you feel the desired effect, stop raising. If the effect wears off, increase again by 25mg. If you feel unwell or symptoms get worse, reduce the dose by 25mg.
    Tip: You can record your daily experiences in a notebook. This will not only help you find the right dosage. In hindsight, you can also understand what worked best for you.
    3. Observe the field of application
    The application also plays a role in the dosing of CBD. You can look at the following guidelines for the two most common uses of CBD - but again, what works for others does not have to work for you.
    Treatment of pain
    In CBD for chronic or acute pain, a dose of 5mg is recommended for entry. You can increase this dose gradually up to 20mg. In severe pain, you can take the CBD 1-3 times a day.
    Treatment of mental health problems
    For the treatment of depression, anxiety or other mental disorders, smaller doses are usually sufficient - typically less than 2 mg per day. Even with sleep disorders, a small dosage is recommended.
    Important: Overdose with CBD is not possible. You can experiment with the CBD dose worry-free.
    4. Buy quality
    As with almost all products, quality is more important than quantity for CBD oil. Make sure you buy high-quality CBD oil - best from EU-certified BIO hemp and extracted with a gentle CO2 process. So you can be sure that your body gets the best possible ingredients.
    Finding the right dose of CBD is not rocket science. Use our guide values as a starting point. Start slowly and gradually increase until you feel the desired effect. And the most important thing: have fun! CBD is a wonderful plant substance that can bring more peace and serenity into your life in the right amount!