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  • CBD oil experiences: This is how CBD oil can work

    CBD oil experiences

    Everyone is talking about CBD oil as a natural remedy. People all over the world enthusiastically report the effects of CBD on a wide variety of complaints - from physical pain to problems falling asleep to serious illnesses such as epilepsy or cancer. Sounds unbelievable? In the following we will introduce you to some CBD oil experiences.

    First things first

    CBD has not yet been fully researched. While there are many studies that confirm some positive properties (for example, the anti-inflammatory effects) of CBD, CBD research is still in its infancy. In particular, more studies with human subjects will be necessary in the future.

    Why are we telling you this? Because by law we are not allowed to make any "healing promises". As you read the following CBD oil experiences, you should be aware of two points:

    • CBD appears to have many healthy properties,
    • However, many of these properties have not yet been scientifically proven.

    The following CBD oil experiences are just that: Individual people's experiences. There are no promises of healing and no guarantee that CBD will work the same way for you.

    CBD oil experiences at a glance

    • Inflammation

    Whether acne, Crohn's disease, or borreliosis: Many people use CBD successfully against inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties have also already been proven through studies. A big advantage compared to ibuprofen or ASA? A dependency is excluded with CBD.

    • Pain

    CBD oil seems to help with headaches and migraines. This could be because CBD increases serotonin levels and dilates blood vessels. According to some CBD oil experiences, thanks to CBD, some people have been able to downgrade their pain relievers. You can find an experience report on CBD and pain, for example, in the Vogue read.

    • Anxiety

    Many of our customers report how they were able to relieve anxiety with CBD. Studies suggest that CBD Oil can have a calming effect on the central nervous system. This could help with anxiety, panic attacks and social phobias, for example.

    • Epilepsy

    CBD works for epilepsy. This is one of the few CBD effects that are scientifically proven. Accordingly, many sufferers report fewer seizures and cramps after taking CBD - especially in early childhood epilepsy. The CBD drug Epidyolex® is already officially approved.

    • Sleep problems

    Some CBD users use CBD to help them fall asleep. According to this, CBD can have a calming effect, avoid night waking phases and ensure that you sleep better. An experience report on CBD and sleep problems is available, for example, in Cosmopolitan .

    • Nausea

    CBD seems to be able to help against nausea. It can also stimulate the appetite. Animal studies have shown that low-dose CBD oil helps relieve nausea and vomiting. Studies with human subjects are necessary, but the CBD oil experience seems promising.

    • Stress

    In our reviews on Trustpilot you can always find CBD testimonials from users who use CBD for relaxation. Accordingly, CBD helps to switch off and acts as a mood maker.

    • Skin problems

    CBD can also be used for skin problems. For example, one study found that CBD cosmetics can help with acne. Some users also report positive CBD oil or CBD Flowers experiences with neurodermatitis. For the treatment of skin problems, CBD cosmetics can be a good choice.

    Closing words

    CBD oil seems to be very versatile. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, many people use it to relieve pain and treat various ailments. It remains to be seen what scientific studies will find out about the effects of CBD oil in the near future.