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  • Germany imports four strains of medicinal cannabis from Canada.

    Germany imports four strains of medicinal cannabis from Canada

    For some years, German cannabis patients have been able to purchase cannabis flowers from the Netherlands via German pharmacies with a special permit. From the end of August they will also be able to buy four tribes from Canada.
    Germany imports four varieties of medicinal cannabis from Canada.
    The number of cannabis patients in Germany is increasing rapidly and imports from the Dutch cannabis program do not meet the needs of patients. Medical flowers from Canada will soon be available in Germany. Nevertheless, this can only be a temporary solution until Germany commits itself to cultivating cannabis as medicine.
    German cannabis patients were able to obtain cannabis flowers from the Netherlands via German pharmacies with a special permit for the last few years. The imported medicine is quite expensive and because it is not covered by the health insurance, at € 15.00 + x / gram the official "medicinal cannabis flowers" are very expensive. Despite their approval, many of the nearly 800 other cannabis patients in Germany depend on the cheaper black market or their grow box. In Germany, there is still a long way to go before there are effective standard care regimes, whether patients suffer from "only" a painful, chronic illness or when their disease could progress or even be deadly without cannabis for many years the German government has not introduced a corresponding policy for medical cannabis; Current imports from the Netherlands were approved only by a small number of patients under very little pressure, and the arrangement was in the past patchy and far too expensive. What you can get for € 7.00 in the Netherlands, costs from € 15.00. Many of the 800 patients are involved in the Cannabis Medicine Self-Help Network (SCM) and for years they have made much better suggestions when it comes to standard provisions for the care of cannabis patients. Self-production, for example. In April 2016, after 17 years and a series of lawsuits, MS patient Michael F. was exceptionally entitled to grow his own cannabis grass @ home. However, this was only a case by case decision that is not true for everyone. In addition, it is still missing that F. in this possession of the Federal Administrative Court in his possession, the valid judgment of the state, in this case by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), still missing. For this reason, the patient F. is not yet able to grow his own medicine, four months after the Supreme Court ruling.
    State-controlled cultivation in Germany, which the Federal Ministry of Health has recently planned, has been on the patients' wish list for many years, but was only initiated after the Ministry's verdict and saw no other option.
    Nevertheless, a long-term proposal has been met with the import of Canadian cannabis flowers. As of the end of August, "Argyle" and "Princeton" will be available to two tribes from the Canadian cannabis program. Two more tribes, "Penople" and "Houndstooth", will follow. The four tribes are referred to as "Nordle", "Ghost Train Haze", "CBD Skunk Haze" and "Super Lemon Haze" in the US stores and on the Canadian black market, which is set to disappear.
    But before you can buy the new strains, cannabis patients must renew their special permit to include the four strains by asking their doctor to complete this form. As soon as the German federal emblem "Adler" is expected, which is expected at the end of August, the barriers to smoking the first legal "medical" joints from abroad will disappear
    Canada offers its patients more than 200 strains
    In Canada, patients can choose from more than 200 strains, whereas in Germany only six are. More importantly, the capacity that is missing in the Netherlands and still needs to be developed in Germany is available in Canada.
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