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  • CBD Oil: 5 Common Mistakes When Taking It

    cbd oil intake

    CBD oil can potentially offer many health benefits - if done right. In this article, we're going to introduce you to five common mistakes that you should absolutely avoid when consuming CBD oil.

    Error 1: Choosing the wrong dosage

    Many newbies to CBD either consume too much or too little CBD. How can you avoid that? Follow our guideline: Who is taking CBD for the first time , is well served with a dose of around 10 to 15 mg of CBD twice a day. If you don't notice anything,then increase the dose gradually.

    Error 2: Use inaccurate measurement methods

    If you have not yet found your optimal dose, you should definitely measure your dosages precisely. Many beginners measure their dose using the dropper that comes with the product.

    The problem: How much CBD oil you get through the dropper isn't only different from product to product - it also depends on how hard you squeeze the dropper. A really exact measurement is rarely possible.

    The solution is a conventional syringe from the pharmacy, with which you can measure exact doses.

    Error 3: Don't take notes

    A CBD diary is almost always a good idea. So you can keep track of your dosages and easily see when you took how much and how you were feeling. Write down each dosage in your diary, including the time, date, dosage and brand of the CBD!

    Error 4: Swallowing too quickly

    Don't swallow your CBD oil right away. Instead, you should leave the oil under your tongue for 30 to 90 seconds - this is how Cannabidiol get through the mucous membranes into the bloodstream without losing its effectiveness through the liver or stomach acid.

    Error 5: Taking CBD irregularly

    Some newbies to CBD only take CBD for a few days and give up because they don't see any results. The lack of results is not surprising in such a case: As with almost every dietary supplement, regular intake is absolutely crucial with CBD.

    Especially with chronic complaints, regular intake is important - because CBD works with the the body's own endocannabinoid system to regulate chemical imbalances. It takes time. Often you have to take CBD for two to four weeks to feel the first effects.

    Closing words

    Taking CBD is not a rocket science. If you avoid the five mistakes mentioned in our article, little is likely to go wrong. However, before taking CBD, speak to your doctor if you are taking other medications. Your doctor will also know your medical history, height, weight, and other important indicators that may play a role in your individual dose.Discover our CBDNOL CBD oils, CBD Flower and CBD Spray for on the go.