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  • Five Important tips for buying CBD oil

    Five Important tips for buying CBD oil

    There are many CBD oils and suppliers - not all keep what they promise. The good news? There are easily recognizable quality criteria! In our article, we'll give you 5 tips to help you avoid buying mistakes and buy high quality CBD oil.

    Tip 1: Where is the hemp grown?
    The hemp plant is a so-called bioaccumulator. Accordingly, hemp not only absorbs nutrients that are so important to the plant from soil, water and air - but also any toxins that may be present. Who does not want his body such harmful substances, must pay attention to an extension in the European Union or Switzerland. This will ensure that your CBD oil does not end up in heavy metals, herbicides or pesticides.
    Tip 2: How is the CBD oil extracted?
    The manufacturing process affects the quality, purity and effectiveness of the oil. Particularly gentle and safe is an extraction process with CO2, as we use it with CBDNOL®. Such a production allows a pure end product - because the substances are obtained in their natural form and minimizes the risk of solvent residues. At the same time, environmentally friendly CO2 extraction prevents oxidation and increases the quality of hemp oil!
    Important: Especially extraction processes with hydrocarbons (for example propane, hexane and butane) are an alarm signal - because in such a production often traces of harmful chemicals remain in the oil.
    Tip 3: What is the quality assurance?
    Almost as important as the extraction process is quality assurance. When buying CBD oil, the product should be checked for quality and purity throughout the manufacturing process. This minimizes the risk of foreign substances, bacteria, fungi & Co. in the oil and increases the likelihood of obtaining a high quality CBD oil. A certified manufacturing process is almost always a reliable quality feature.
    By the way: how well do you know about CBD oil? In our article "CBD oil for beginners" we tell you everything you need to know about CBD oil. From the difference to THC on the right intake and dosage to the greatest health benefits!
    Tip 4: What is the THC concentration?
    Non-prescription CBD oils in Germany may contain a maximum of 0.2% THC content - products with a higher THC content are no longer considered as dietary supplements (§2 Abs.3 of the German Medicines Act) and may not be sold freely. So avoid dubious providers and see that the CBD oil adheres to the legal limit. So the purchase is 100% legal and you will enjoy two important health benefits: You will not experience intoxication and avoid physical dependence!
    Tip 5: What is the CBD content?
    In contrast to the THC content, there is no legally prescribed concentration of CBD. Nevertheless, it is important that you choose the appropriate CBD content for your purposes. While most hemp oils contain around 5% CBD, CBDNOL® oils contain 3% to 24% CBD (look at CBD oils here in the shop (!). For beginners or for treating sleep disorders, mild pain or anxiety, CBD Oil with up to 5% CBD concentration For experienced CBD lovers and slightly stronger use we recommend hemp oil with at least 10% CBD content (for example our popular CBDNOL® CBD oil 15%).