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  • Hemp extract as a natural painkiller

    Harvested from the flower, mixed with high quality oil and effective against a wide range of diseases: hemp extract is reputed to be a natural pain killer without unwanted side effects. Is that so? We investigate the myth of hemp extract as a natural painkiller in this article.
    What is the difference between hemp extract and hemp oil?
    The difference between the two products becomes clearer when using the names hempseed oil and CBD oil. As the name implies, hemp seed oil is extracted from pressed hemp seeds. Cannabis seeds have absolutely no psychoactive effect, no matter whether they are heated or eaten raw. For this reason, the sale and consumption of hemp oil is legal in most countries. Hemp oil is also available there in well-stocked health food stores or occasionally in the supermarkets. In contrast to hempseed oil, CBD oil, hemp extract oil, is only sold where it has been expressly declared legal. CBD oil is obtained by extracting cannabis flowers, preferably from a particular cannabis strain which is extremely rich in cannabidiol. However, the oil also has no intoxicating properties. [1]
    THC, CBD: Huh, how now ?!
    Even if you have not dealt with hemp and its properties very intensively, you have probably heard of the so-called THC - a psychoactive substance that can also occur in hemp in different amounts. Now you may wonder, what is the difference to the CBD I mentioned at the beginning, which should also be in the hemp plant.
    For a brief explanation:
    To mention the most important difference between THC and CBD right at the beginning: THC has an exhilarating effect on the brain, whereas CBD does not. So CBD has no psychoactive effect. In contrast to the consumption of CBD, many casual users of cannabis containing THC report a feeling of paranoia and anxiety.
    Hemp is consumed by many people, among other things, as it can be sleep-promoting effect. But this is only the case with THC-containing hemp. This is very different with CBD: CBD leads rather to mental clarity and is therefore anything but ideal for good sleep. But CBD has no impulsive effect, but it makes the body gently awake and this alertness can be motivating. In simple terms: CBD affects the body, THC affects the brain. [2]
    Cannabis as a versatile medicine?
    There are now some studies showing that cannabis can reduce a variety of diseases - including glaucoma, migraine, psoriasis, spasticity, multiple sclerosis and even cancer. Thus, for example, Use cannabis extract to reduce spasticity and pain in multiple sclerosis. [3]
    When Tourette syndrome sufferers report after taking cannabis from a reduction in tics. Cannabis with its ingredients can also help reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma, an eye disease. Increased intraocular pressure gradually destroys the optic nerve, which can lead to complete blindness. Hemp is also said to be able to dilate the bronchi and is therefore useful for people with asthma. Of course, it should be added to the body as an extract and not smoked as a joint. [4]
    "Normally an active substance can relieve one or two diseases, this diversity is very rare," says the physician Franjo Grotenhernen from Cologne. He has already obtained 1,000 exempt medical cannabis licenses for his patients.

    Of course, he explicitly states that cannabis can also have side effects - compared to psychotropic drugs, anticonvulsants and analgesics, these side effects are manageable.

    Cannabidiol Hanfextrakt
    CBD hemp flower extract has exceptionally diverse health-promoting properties.
    One problem that could arise, according to Franjo Grotenhermen, is the fact that many physicians simply lack any expertise in the use of hemp in diseases. For this reason, he also believes that many would not dare to prescribe cannabis as a drug. In addition, cannabis drugs are very expensive - which could take a large part of the drug budget of the respective doctors.
    About the analgesic effect of hemp extract
    Cannabis is also consumed for pain relief and partly prescribed by a doctor - especially if all other conventional medical attempts fail. Singing a song about it, the 72-year-old Elder Melanie L., who suffered from rheumatic pain so severe that she sometimes could not even leave the house, let alone take care of the household. A friend of hers read CBD oil in a Dutch newspaper and recommended it to the elderly lady. This recommendation should change the life of the elderly woman abruptly. Depending on heavy sleeping pills and already highly depressive, she gives the oil a chance: "I started with three drops a day and directly in the first week I felt better," says Melanie L. to RP Online. Even the normal medication could reduce her after only a few weeks, because she just did not need them anymore. [5]
    The analgesic effect of hemp extract is due to the cannabinoids in the plant. The cannabinoids are much more concentrated in medical cannabis oil - giving the oil an even greater ability to relieve pain.
    Studies have shown that cannabinoids can relieve pain by inhibiting neuronal transmission to some extent. CBD consequently reduces the "pain markers". Therefore, CBD oil is also increasingly used for the treatment of pain, such as joint problems in old age or rheumatism. [6]
    There is no habit effect with CBD oil
    CBD oil or hemp extract oil acts as a natural pain reliever and mood enhancer. Although it is not always possible for some diseases that cause very severe pain to completely eliminate them with the help of CBD oil, the oil can at least reduce painkillers.
    According to a study in the "Journal of Experimental Medicine", CBD oil has another advantage in terms of pain relief compared to conventional medicines: There should be no habitual effect on hemp extract. Conventional analgesics are known to have, among other things, the unpleasant side effect that they must be increased after a certain time more and more to even show any effect on the body. This should not be so with hemp extract - it is much more sustainable against the pain. [7]
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