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  • Hemp for cooking: delicious recipes and important tips

    Hemp for cooking: delicious recipes and important tips

    You love delicious food and the health benefits of hemp? Why not combine both - adding hemp to food is easier than you think! Whether salad dressing, smoothies or pizza: We'll tell you how to prepare tasty and healthy dishes with the "superfood" hemp.

    Which hemp products for cooking are there?
    Hemp oil (or CBD oil) is great for cooking. It has a nutty taste, many omega-3 fatty acids and can provide health benefits. From a lower cholesterol level through a stronger immune system to cell renewal!
    In comparison to cereal flour, hemp flour provides more protein, minerals (folic acid, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc) and fiber. The flour is tasteless and can easily be mixed with common flour. You can also bind and refine sauces with hemp flour!
    Hemp seeds are a popular ingredient for many dishes. Not only do the little nuts taste good, they also provide many important nutrients, fatty acids and plenty of protein. You can add hemp seeds, for example, in salads, cereals or yogurts.
    By the way: hemp seeds are peeled and unpeeled. Shelled hemp seeds taste similar to sunflower seeds or sesame seeds and provide many proteins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Unpeeled hemp seeds have a solid shell and contain many fibers that can help with digestive problems and promote colon cleansing.
    Our favorite recipes with hemp
    Hemp as a salad dressing
    Hemp has long been able to do what olive oil can do! Just sprinkle some hemp oil into your salad, add a dash of lime and taste the dressing with balsamic, lemon, salt and pepper. The cashew hemp dressing by Terry Hope Romero from his book "Protein Ninja" tastes a bit more intense, but at least as delicious.
    hemp pesto
    Hemp pesto is prepared quickly. Just chop some garlic, add lemon juice, pepper and salt and pour everything with hemp oil until the desired consistency is achieved. Of course you can also take roasted cannabis seeds, refine them with a mortar to powder and mix with rapeseed oil or olive oil. We love the vegan hemp pesto with red tomatoes and marinated aubergines by Nicole Just!
    hemp Pizza
    You should definitely try the hemp pizza from kochbar.de! Make the dough from flour, yeast and hemp seed, top up the pizza with ingredients of your choice (for example, mozzarella, tomatoes, salami) and then bake the pizza at 220 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Probably the healthiest pizza you've ever eaten. And it tastes good too!
    Baked goods with hemp
    Fancy biscuits, bread, muffins or brownies: Mince cannabis seeds in the mix and mix the mus in the dough. Most baked goods with hemp do not take longer than 30 minutes and taste great. Also chocolate muffins with hemp and maca are worth a temptation!
    If you are looking for a sweet refreshment, you will be happy with delicious hemp ice cream. The colleagues at the Kochbar have put together a delicious recipe for a walnut hemp ice cream with dark mousse au chocolat and hemp croquant, which we absolutely must recommend!
    Hemp Smoothies
    Whether detox raspberry hemp, banana mango hemp or cocoa hemp: For delicious smoothies with hemp seeds there are many possibilities. You can live your creativity and mix the hemp seeds with fruits, vegetables of your choice and milk. With unpeeled hemp seeds, water and dates and a blender, you can even make your own hemp milk.
    What you should consider when cooking with hemp
    Start gently
    Whether cannabis seeds, hemp oil or hemp flour: Whoever cooks hemp for the first time should start with a small dosage! So you can get used to the taste and experiment until you find the perfect hemp dosage.
    Choose high quality
    As with any cooking ingredient, fresh and quality products are recommended. Choose only renowned manufacturers and first-class hemp products for cooking - especially the purity and origin of the hemp is crucial. In the shop at CBDNOL® you will find a fine selection!
    Dissolve cannabinoids with fat
    The valuable cannabinoids of the hemp plant dissolve best with fat or alcohol. For example, when cooking, add oil, butter or coconut milk to make the cannabinoids bind and be well absorbed by the body. Use at least as much water as oil or butter!
    Observe temperature
    Cannabinoids are heat sensitive. At temperatures above 145 degrees Celsius, hemp oil breaks down and loses many important nutrients - so you should never use hemp oil for frying or cooking at high temperatures. To avoid overheating, you should also stir regularly while cooking.
    Conclusion? Everybody can cook with hemp!