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  • Hemp protein - healthy and natural!

    Hemp protein - healthy and natural!

    Hemp protein is said to have so many ingredients that a human being can live on it for several months without any deficiency symptoms.
    In order to keep our body and mind healthy, we need a certain amount of protein every day. The proteins are an extremely valuable source of fuel for us and they repair our cells through the amino acids they contain. If you want to eat your protein solely from plants, hemp protein is one of the best solutions.
    The protein from hemp is one of the best sources of easily digestible vegetable protein worldwide. It contains a great variety of vitamins and minerals, in total it has a very similar nutrient combination like milk or meat. Likewise, many different essential amino acids are contained in the hemp protein.
    Our body is 15-20% protein, so it should be clear to everyone that a sufficient supply of protein is vital for humans. Hemp protein is a very special protein because it contains all the amino acids that the human body can not produce itself and therefore must supply them from the outside.
    Important amino acids in hemp protein
    We would now like to mention two special amino acids here, hemp protein is rich in branched-chain amino acids called BCAA. For building muscle BCAA is essential, because only these types of amino acids can ensure that new muscle is built and existing is protected from degradation. At the same time, the BCAA repairs torn muscle fibers and protects them from re-traveling.
    The term BCAA covers three important essential amino acids: valine, isoleucine and leucine. These three amino acids play an important role in building muscle and support athletic performance. In the same way, they protect against muscle loss because they are pulled out of the muscle stores with increased energy in the muscles.
    Especially abundant is the amino acid L-arginine in hemp protein that L-arginine is also widely used to achieve a potency-enhancing effect. If you know how L-arginine works this is not surprising.
    L-arginine dilates the vessels and has a stimulating effect, by the widening of the vessels is thus the nutrient supply to the muscle cells improved and thus increased performance. Overall, this gives the muscles a more plump look. And as we mentioned above, a vasodilation in the pelvic area is of great benefit to get an erection.
    Other positive properties of the healthy hemp protein
    Hemp protein also contains essential fatty acids which are absorbed by the human body and released as energy. Essential fatty acids support and regulate the metabolism, as well as compensate for energy-intensive work, the blood sugar level.
    Hemp protein also contains a high amount of fiber, and a high level of dietary fiber gives us a longer feeling of satiety. A logical consequence of this is less appetite and thus the prospect of a sustainable weight reduction. Many diseases can be avoided by taking in a sufficient amount of fiber.
    Magnesium is also present in large quantities in hemp protein. As proven by some studies, taking magnesium reduces blood pressure. Also included are omega-6 fatty acids that prevent clogging of the arteries, which of course reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.


    The fatty acid pattern in hemp protein with the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is contained in the optimal ratio of 1: 3 for humans. Our diet today has an extremely unfavorable fatty acid ratio, which often leads to inflammatory processes in the body. Due to the balanced fatty acid ratio in the hemp protein, inflammatory processes are regressed or avoided.

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