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  • How does CBD work in men and women?

    CBD effect woman man

    Men and women are unique in many ways. But does that also mean that CBD affects women and men differently? We answer these questions below. Enjoy reading!

    How does CBD work?

    CBD interacts with the so-called endocannabinoid system. How exactly does this interaction work in the human body? Science is not yet unanimous about this. But what is clear: The Endocannabinoidsystem is responsible for a variety of important functions in our body Responsible - among other things for the metabolism and the hormone balance. It is therefore obvious that cannabidiol works differently in the female and male body. After all, there are big differences in metabolism and hormone balance depending on gender.

    We also know that factors such as body weight, age, shape or height can also influence the effects of CBD. However, it is all about the dosage; the health benefits of CBD are basically possible for everyone. Whether it's stress relief, pain management or improving sleep quality.

    Important: The science of CBD is still in its infancy. While there are already some promising studies on CBD in different contexts, more research is definitely needed. Always keep that in mind when we talk about potential benefits.

    Women and CBD

    CBD for women is generally stronger than for men. This is probably mainly due to the smaller body size and the lower weight. So women usually need a lower dose than men to feel the same effects.
    How does CBD work

    The following special features can also be noted:

    • The female hormonal balance causes cannabidiol to be processed differently in the female body. Women usually react most strongly to CBD one or two days before ovulation.
    • High estrogen levels in women can cause mood swings and other emotional responses. CBD and other endocannabinoids affect estrogen production and could therefore help to stabilize typical mood swings in women.
    • CBD in women may provide effective relief from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). CBD may help reduce cramps, bloating and inflammation and increase well-being.

    CBD in men

    Compared to women, men usually need a higher dose of CBD. Additionally, studies have found that CBD can help increase testosterone and libido because it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in testicular tissue. However, studies also show that the increase in testosterone usually only increases for a short time and then levels off.

    By the way: According to a Brazilian study from 2019, CBD could have an adverse effect on male fertility and reduce the production of testosterone and sperm. However, this study was conducted in mice and it is unclear whether these findings also apply to humans.

    Concluding remarks

    So we can state: The Benefits of CBD oil do not depend on gender. However, CBD works a little differently in the female body and can be used in different ways (for example in PMS) because hormones in women fluctuate regularly. Men, on the other hand, usually need a higher dose - but can use CBD just like women to relieve pain, promote sleep or reduce inflammation.

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