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  • 5 common misconceptions about CBD flowers

    misconception cbd flower
    How does CBD work in the human body? Can you recognize high-quality CBD flowers by their color and consistency and are CBD flowers really not psychoactive? We introduce you to the 5 most common misconceptions about CBD flowers and reveal what is really true.

    Misconception 1: The mode of action of CBD flowers is not known

    Research on CBD is still in its infancy, but the basic mode of action of CBD flowers is already known. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is an important part of our body. Above all, the endocannabinoid system helps the human body to stay in balance and guarantees the functioning of many vital body functions.

    Misconception 2: Only the CBD flowers are processed

    The hemp plant is probably the oldest useful plant in the world and can be used to manufacture numerous products. The following parts of the hemp plant are particularly valuable:

    • Hemp flower
    The hemp flower is the bud of the mature hemp plant. It contains most of the cannabinoids and is also covered in trichomes (these are the plant's resinous glands). Hemp flowers are either smoked - or processed into a coarsely ground substance and used in the manufacture of various hemp products.

    • Stems, seeds and fibers
    These “plant residues” are not waste products. Stems, seeds and fibers of the hemp plant are used for a wide range of products - for example textiles, building materials and biofuels.

    Misconception 3: The origin of the CBD does not matter

    Sure, the actual CBD molecule is always the same. Nevertheless, not all CBD products and CBD flowers are created equal - the quality of the hemp plants is decisive for the quality of the CBD. This is mainly because hemp is a bioaccumulator - and would draw toxins from the soil.

    Tip: Make sure that your hemp comes from EU-certified crops. So you can be sure that the hemp grows on healthy and pollutant-free soil and that your CBD flowers are of perfect quality.

    Misconception 4: CBD flowers are not psychoactive

    CBD doesn't get you high. That's correct - but it doesn't mean that CBD is not a psychoactive substance. In fact, every molecule that changes our brain and our perception is psychoactive. Both caffeine and cannabidiol are psychoactive substances.

    Important: Because CBD is not intoxicating, it is one of the food supplements in Germany. As long as the CBD contains a maximum of 0.2% THC, CBD products can be freely sold in Germany.

    Misconception 5: The color allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality

    The color and consistency have nothing to do with the quality of the CBD flowers. Only the cultivation method can be recognized by the color:

    Outdoor CBD flowers are usually darker in color. Such flowers are also slightly more humid and softer than the dry and firm indoor CBD flowers.

    Indoor CBD flowers are often lighter than outdoor CBD flowers. This is mainly due to the fact that hemp growers can optimize and control indoor parameters such as temperature and humidity.

    So how can you spot high quality CBD buds? The smell! High-quality CBD flowers have a subtle and natural smell that can increase when the flowers are crushed or broken open. Inferior flowers, on the other hand, often smell strongly fruity or artificial.