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  • How to support your health with natural CBD oil

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    Often discussed, sometimes underestimated and yet again and again appreciated - the CBD oil has long since proven its effect and so more and more naturopaths and medical professionals are recognizing and relying on this oil as a valuable means for treating very different symptoms of illness.

    What is behind the name CBD oil?

    Behind our valuable CBD oil is a valuable combination of natural active ingredients from the pure cannabis plant. The special oil obtained contains many healthy ingredients including the special cannabinoids. This includes the following active ingredients:

    1. CBC- an anti-inflammatory and analgesic cannabinoid that has a positive effect on cell renewal.

    2. CBD, which is also used to relieve pain and

    3. CBDA, which has an antiemetic effect and combats nausea.

    In addition, numerous other ingredients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins such as vitamins B1 and B2, high-quality minerals and trace elements, chlorophyll and carotenoids create an incredible CBD oil effect that sets free numerous healing processes in your body.

    The first-class CBD oil, which can also be bought from us under CBD oil, has not yet been fully scientifically researched and is still healing, used as a pain reliever and remedy in many disease processes and convinces with its soothing, relaxing and antibacterial effect. Your immune system is supported by the effects of the CBD oil and your body can concentrate its power entirely on fighting the disease. The gentle and effective CBDNOL is now also successfully used in medicinal medicine to eliminate anxiety, alleviate epilepsy, prevent cancer, treat depression and heal skin problems. Chronic diseases and diabetes, rheumatism, addictions, Alzheimer's, osteoarthritis and many other diseases and symptoms can be effectively treated with the versatile CBD oil. The oil unfolds its valuable effects as an anti-inflammatory, preventative and pain reliever. Read more about important factors when buying CBD oil in our article: "Five Important tips for buying CBD oil".

    You should consider the CBD oil dosage as an important factor

    For mild and simple complaints, three drops of the 5 percent CBD oil are sufficient in the morning and evening for the first week. In the second week, the dosage can be increased by 5 drops. If you have more severe symptoms, we recommend 3 drops in the morning and evening for the first 2 weeks and 5 drops 3 times a day for the third week. Just 3 drops of a 2 percent oil in the morning and in the evening help against stomach cramps and insomnia. If you suffer from anxiety or nervousness you should take this 3 times a day. Of course there are also chronic ailments and serious illnesses that are associated with constant pain. You can use the 10 percent oil for one week with 4 drops in the morning and in the evening and in the second week with 5 drops. Depending on the pain, the dose can also be increased a little. Just like all other preparations, the dosage of course always depends on your weight, state of health and any allergies. A professional assessment is certainly not wrong here. So you can fully exploit the unique benefits and healing powers of CBD oil for yourself and your body.