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  • What is industrial hemp?

    What is industrial hemp
    One of the most important things to understand hemp, if not the most important, is that hemp is not marijuana.

    Although they look almost identical and come from the same plant family, their chemical composition is different - with the main outlet in hemp being THC. Hemp is one of the oldest traditional plants cultivated by humans and has been used for hundreds of applications ranging from textiles and rope production to a food source and building material.

     In fact, it was one of the most valuable plants during the colonization of America, and many newly formed US states required farmers to grow hemp and punish those who did not!

    How our society has changed, just like hemp. Over time, it has been selectively bred to emphasize its desirable features - most notably its fibrous stem and nutritious seeds. For the trained eye hemp looks very different than cannabis, which appears much larger, thicker and with less leaves - although the general view remains the same. It is through this selective breeding that THC has also been bred from the plant, with THC amounts in legal agricultural hemp is negligible (less than 0.2%), and thus legal.

    Go back a few centuries, and people would scoff at the idea of ​​illegal cannabis or not know what it is. But today, when it is banned in many places outside the EU, and with a focus on tearing in the cannabis market, the use of hemp and what it has fallen out of the way.

    As a harvest, hemp is extremely versatile and sustainable. It is easy to grow, requires minimal care, and is highly resistant to pests - reducing the need for pesticides. It is also able to condition the soil, helping to clean up excess metals and toxins from being used for reclamation purposes, after the chaos can leave people behind.

    Agricultural hemp is completely impossible to get high. Thanks to the many uses of hemp and the newfound understanding of its properties, the EU hemp industry is in demand and enables the safe, pure production of high-quality CBD oil - just one of its versatile uses.