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  • Why only organic hemp products?

    Why only organic hemp products
    Demand for hemp is increasing among consumers and manufacturers. As many of the multiple uses of hemp are rediscovered, more and more people are looking for good hemp products. This could be anything from the health-conscious consumers looking for hemp-based products to increase their well-being, to textile companies looking to make hemp fiber cloths, to insulation looking for efficient and environmentally friendly raw material sources.

    To meet the demand, there are more and more farmers who are now growing hemp. But as with all things that have to do with supply and demand, the growing hemp often grows in price and profit. As such, many do not grow biologically as it pushes down the growth efficiency and potential gain. It is not easy to grow hemp organically. Farmers who want to do this can not use artificial fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, growth regulators, fungicides or pesticides. Instead, people who want to grow organic hemp need to use good old-fashioned crop rotation and accept that they are unlikely to grow as much as someone who does not grow organically. For someone whose livelihood depends on large cultures, it is understandable why most farmers opt for the non-organic option.

    For many industries this is not a problem, but for the environmentally conscious consumer. For example, hemp does not have to be organic to produce a house insulation, but those who build an eco-house would probably better realize that it was - minimizing their impact on the environment.

    For those who want to pick up the products of hemp, it is a much greater concern. Many buy cannabis seeds as it is a nutritious source of protein and vitamins. However, if not sourced properly, you could eat seeds grown with a wealth of nasty chemicals. For example, it is cheap and easy to buy hemp seeds from pet stores. Hemp seed is often used as food for some animals, but that does not mean that the warehouse is kept by all retailers, it is a good quality for human consumption.

    This is also important for CBD oil producers like us. We do not want any chemicals or GM products that end up in our CBD oil, so we go to great lengths to make sure that the hemp we use to produce it is certified organic. The same is not a concern for many unscrupulous sellers who are looking to jump on the CBD train, so it is important to always check before you buy!

    No matter your desire for hemp, ask for organic will help make more ecologically sustainable industry, and make sure that the product you receive is pure (if you consume it). Supply meets demand, so if you ask for organic, more and more farmers will start to grow. There's not so much organic hemp out there taking so many, so be careful!