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  • You need to know about CBD flowers

    You need to know about CBD flowers

    You need to know about CBD flowers
    CBD is the grass of the hour. More and more people are consuming CBD products and especially the CBD flowers are very popular. But what are CBD blossoms actually? What makes CBD Hanfso so special and why are CBD blooms primarily concerned with medical effects? These and other questions are answered below. Have fun!
    What are CBD flowers?
    CBD flowers are the buds of the hemp plant. The flowers come exclusively from Nutzhanfpflanzen with a low THC content - instead of intoxicating THC, there is a full load of cannabidiol (CBD). Compared to other parts of the plant, the concentration of CBD in the flowers is particularly high. Therefore, CBD blooms form the basis of many CBD products.
    By the way: The hemp plant offers over 80 cannabinoids and 400 active ingredients. The ratio of cannabinoids is genetic and antiproportional. The higher the THC content, the less CBD the plant has (and vice versa).
    How are CBD flowers harvested?
    The hemp plant is resistant and undemanding. Therefore, the plants do not need any chemical fertilizers or pesticides - in modern lighting and irrigation plants grow the plants, the flowers are removed at the end of the harvest time and hung to dry. Such a procedure guarantees CBD flowers as an untreated natural product.
    We work CBD flowers?
    CBD has no psychotropic effect. In contrast to THC it does not affect the central nervous system and a state of intoxication through the consumption of CBD flowers is therefore not possible. Instead of a high-level feeling, CBD calms the body and can, for example, help with anxiety, stress, headaches, inflammation or cramps. Therefore, the consumption of cannabidiol rarely smoking in the foreground, but above all health effects.
    The exact medical effect has not been researched yet. However, scientists, physicians and doctors suspect that CBD could help with many diseases. For example, in epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, depression or inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis. Initial studies seem to confirm these impressions.
    Important: A medical promise is prohibited by law in Germany. Therefore, CBD is sold in this country mainly as a tobacco substitute and not as a medical device.
    We are taking CBD flowers?
    CBD flowers are inhaled. They crush the flowers and smoke the cannabidiol, for example, with a pipe or as a CBD cigarette. However, like any form of smoking, this is not the healthiest option - doctors recommend inhalation with so-called vaporizers. Such evaporators prevent burning of the solid flower constituents and dissolve the valuable ingredients of the flowers by gentle heating.
    Are CBD blooms legal?
    Cannabidiol is not an intoxicating substance and is not subject to the Narcotics Act. Therefore, CBD flowers are freely available and legal in many countries (including Germany, Switzerland Austria). The only requirement? The concentration of THC must be below 0.2%!
    Where can I buy CBD flowers?
    There are now numerous shops for CBD flowers in Germany. Whether on the Internet or at local retailers: Anyone over the age of 18 can buy CBD flowers and legally consume cannabidiol. If you are looking for high quality and EU certified CBD flowers, have a look at our CBD shop. We are looking forward to your visit!

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