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  • You should definitely avoid these 5 mistakes when buying CBD oil

    Buy CBD Oil
    Have you lost track of the CBD jungle? We will show you the way out of the thicket and tell you 5 mistakes that you should absolutely avoid when buying CBD oil. This article will help you distinguish good suppliers from bad ones and make an informed purchase decision!

    Mistake 1: Buy cheap CBD oils

    Many newbies choose a cheap supplier for their first CBD purchase. However, those who choose CBD oils solely for their low price should be careful: Many cheap CBD products are cheap for good reason. They often contain low-quality ingredients or low levels of CBD.

    Conversely, a high price is of course not a sign of quality. But the fact is that almost all good CBD oils have their price - because the production of a high quality oil requires high-tech equipment, highly qualified professionals and both comprehensive and independent laboratory tests. This is the only way to gently extract the CBD with its valuable ingredients from the plant-based source.

    Mistake 2: Not checking the source of the hemp

    Good CBD oil doesn't work without good hemp. Make sure you only buy CBD oil made from EU-certified hemp plants. This is the only way you can be sure that your CBD comes from high-quality hemp and is healthy. Hemp from the USA is also of high quality.

    Warm is that so important?

    Because hemp is a bioaccumulator. The plant absorbs everything from its environment and accumulates it in its tissue - including dangerous chemicals, heavy metals or other toxins from contaminated soil. Many farmers in other countries also use harmful pesticides and herbicides to build up, which are also absorbed by hemp. This is particularly the case in China and other regions of Asia.

    Mistake 3: disregarding the CBD concentration

    Whether 2%, 5% or 10%: CBD oils are available in different concentrations. When trying CBD for the first time, a low concentration of CBD is often sufficient. As a beginner, you probably won't need a lot of CBD to feel any effects.

    Tip: We always recommend our customers to increase the dose gradually. Start small, see how your body reacts, and then gradually increase your dose.

    Error 4: disregard THC concentration

    Basically, CBD oil can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana. If a company uses marijuana as a source for its CBD oil, that product will contain higher amounts of THC.

    In Germany (and many other European countries), however, not every CBD oil is legal. Make sure that your CBD oil does not contain more than 0.2% THC so that you are legally on the safe side. With most reputable providers like CBDNOL, you shouldn't have to worry.

    Mistake 5: expecting miracles

    Whether stress, headaches or epileptic seizures: According to numerous studies, CBD seems to have promising modes of action. Even so, don't expect miracles if you don't want to be disappointed after purchasing CBD.

    For the most part, CBD is not a quick fix to your problems. Every body reacts differently to CBD and it is very possible that CBD does not work for you. Perhaps it will take your body several weeks or even months for the CBD oil to interact with your endocannabinoid system and for you to feel the first benefits. Be patient!
  • CBD and hair loss: what you should know

    CBD Hair loss

    More and more people are discovering CBD for their hair. Can CBD even help against hair loss? In the following we take a look at what makes CBD so valuable for hair and whether CBD is useful as a remedy for hair loss.

    What is CBD?

    If you already know about CBD, you can skip this paragraph. For everyone else: CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a natural compound of the hemp plant, which has only a small amount of THC. Therefore, CBD is not psychoactive. For example, if you smoke or take CBD as an oil, you will not experience intoxication.

    CBD is booming all over the world. This is mainly because CBD appears to offer many health benefits. Initial studies suggest that CBD could help with anxiety, insomnia, depression or epilepsy, among other things. But can CBD also be useful for hair?

    CBD and hair

    More and more people are using CBD oils or shampoos enriched with CBD. This is mainly due to three CBD properties:

    • CBD contains amino acids.
    Who doesn't want soft, straight hair? If your hair feels strawy and looks dull, a few drops of CBD oil could help. This is mainly due to the fact that CBD contains 21 amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins; and strands of hair are made up of protein.

    • CBD contains antioxidants.
    Antioxidants can keep hair strong and healthy. This is mainly because antioxidants protect against free radicals. CBD is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, E and C.

    • CBD contains fatty acids.
    Whether omega-3, omega-6 or omega-9: CBD contains many valuable fatty acids. Among other things, these fatty acids give your hair moisture. Therefore, when the scalp absorbs the fatty acids it could encourage and stimulate hair growth.

    CBD and hair loss

    So CBD has a few ingredients that can be useful for healthy hair. But can CBD even work against hair loss? There are no scientific studies for this yet. Due to the following properties, CBD could theoretically help against hair loss:

    • CBD oil can increase blood circulation. Applying CBD oil directly to the hair follicles can provide valuable nutrients and reduce harmful toxins. That could stimulate hair growth.

    • CBD oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. This can reduce inflammation on the scalp and create a healthier environment for hair growth. This could be particularly useful if the reasons for the hair loss are dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis or severe dandruff.

    • CBD oil can relieve anxiety and worry and improve sleep. It is well known that stress and poor sleep can also lead to hair loss. Therefore, when CBD lowers cortisol levels, it could help with hair loss.

    All of this theoretically makes CBD a promising remedy for hair loss. As already mentioned, CBD has not yet been sufficiently scientifically researched as a treatment for hair loss. It is also likely that while CBD supports the scalp, it will not be a sufficient treatment for hair loss on its own.

    Closing word

    It has not yet been proven whether CBD oil can actually help against hair loss. One thing is certain: CBD is very unlikely to harm your hair or scalp. With its unique natural properties, CBD can enable meaningful hair care and contribute to healthy and full hair.

  • Can CBD improve the skin?

    CBD Skin improve

    According to scientific studies, CBD can do a lot - but can cannabidiol contribute to healthy and smooth skin? Maybe even fight wrinkles and slow down the aging process? In the following we look at current studies and get to the bottom of these questions. But first we have to understand one thing: Why does our skin actually age?

    How the aging process works ...
    Old moth! At some point it hits everyone and the wrinkles appear. Why is that? Because our skin loses its resilience and elasticity with increasing age - this happens when the body produces less collagen and elasticity. These two proteins are essential for the elasticity of the skin. At the same time, the sebum glands produce less fat, which removes moisture from the skin and makes it drier.

    This is the normal biological aging process. On top of that, there are other factors that can accelerate aging. These include, for example, the sun, alcohol or tobacco consumption. Unhealthy diet, low in antioxidants, and excessive stress also play a role.

    ... and what you can do against skin aging
    Of course, you should avoid the risk factors mentioned above. Some people also resort to plastic surgery or remedies like botox - but this is not very natural. Optimal would be a natural treatment that combats impurities and leaves the skin looking clean, young and fresh. If various studies are to be believed, this may be possible with CBD.

    CBD, wrinkles and an anti-aging effect?
    CBD is known to come from a plant - so it's not surprising that CBD has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants bind free radicals and avoid oxidative stress. This can counteract the aging process, reduce inflammation and improve the complexion. CBD cosmetics can help with wrinkles, blemishes and inflammation.
    Of course, there are many other antioxidants that can be said to be the same. What science has proven in this context, however, is that CBD contains very strong antioxidant properties - and is perhaps even more effective than vitamins C and E. A study from 1998 by the Proceedings of the U.S. The National Academy of Sciences showed that "" cannabidiol was better at protecting against the neurotoxicity of glutamate than either ascorbate or α-tocopherol, suggesting that CBD has very high antioxidant properties.

    What can CBD also do for the skin?

    • CBD for acne
    Acne is an inflammatory disease. That is why everything that reduces inflammation and soothes the skin makes sense with acne. This is where CBD comes in, which has anti-inflammatory properties - this has been shown by numerous studies. By soothing acne skin and reducing inflammation, you will minimize pimple formation and reduce redness. You feel better and you look better!

    • CBD for sensitive skin
    CBD oil can have a calming effect. This can help with skin sensitivities such as redness and minimize rashes, for example. All skin types are affected by external stress factors, so calming down the skin almost always makes sense! Studies also show that CBD can reduce excess sebum production from the skin's pores.

    By the way: CBD is now available in numerous variants. For example, you can dribble CBD oils on your tongue, take CBD capsules, vape CBD flowers or apply CBD cosmetics directly to your skin. CBD cosmetics include a wide variety of products such as creams, gels, lotions, serums or CBD balms. If you want to use CBD for a better complexion, CBD cosmetics are often the best choice.

    Buying CBD cosmetics: what you should pay attention to

    • Pay attention to the ingredients. Many cosmetics contain ingredients that are harmful to our skin. It is best to keep your hands off products with parabens, paraffins, silicone oils, microplastics, polyethylene glycols and synthetic fragrances!

    • Make sure that the list of ingredients says cannabidiol. Hemp seed oil or extract can also be useful, but they are not the same as CBD oil!

    Many brands differentiate between "CBD Isolate", "Full Spectrum CBD" and "Broad Spectrum CBD" for their CBD. None of these terms are regulated, but the terms can be useful distinguishing features:

    • CBD isolate refers to pure CBD. It does not contain any other cannabinoids or other naturally occurring substances such as flavonoids or terpenes.

    • Full spectrum CBD contains everything that is found in the hemp plant in addition to CBD - including trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids such as CBG (cannabigerol) and other antioxidant compounds.

    • Broad spectrum CBD also contains everything that is found in the hemp plant in addition to CBD - with the exception of THC. Broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC.

    Closing word
    It has been scientifically proven that antioxidants can slow down the aging process of the skin. Science has also shown that CBD is a particularly potent antioxidant plant substance - therefore it is reasonable to assume that CBD can improve the complexion and contribute to young and smooth skin. Initial studies seem to confirm this assumption. But it is also clear that research is still in its infancy. Further studies are needed to further research and confirm the effectiveness of CBD.

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  • 5 common misconceptions about CBD flowers

    misconception cbd flower
    How does CBD work in the human body? Can you recognize high-quality CBD flowers by their color and consistency and are CBD flowers really not psychoactive? We introduce you to the 5 most common misconceptions about CBD flowers and reveal what is really true.

    Misconception 1: The mode of action of CBD flowers is not known

    Research on CBD is still in its infancy, but the basic mode of action of CBD flowers is already known. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is an important part of our body. Above all, the endocannabinoid system helps the human body to stay in balance and guarantees the functioning of many vital body functions.

    Misconception 2: Only the CBD flowers are processed

    The hemp plant is probably the oldest useful plant in the world and can be used to manufacture numerous products. The following parts of the hemp plant are particularly valuable:

    • Hemp flower
    The hemp flower is the bud of the mature hemp plant. It contains most of the cannabinoids and is also covered in trichomes (these are the plant's resinous glands). Hemp flowers are either smoked - or processed into a coarsely ground substance and used in the manufacture of various hemp products.

    • Stems, seeds and fibers
    These “plant residues” are not waste products. Stems, seeds and fibers of the hemp plant are used for a wide range of products - for example textiles, building materials and biofuels.

    Misconception 3: The origin of the CBD does not matter

    Sure, the actual CBD molecule is always the same. Nevertheless, not all CBD products and CBD flowers are created equal - the quality of the hemp plants is decisive for the quality of the CBD. This is mainly because hemp is a bioaccumulator - and would draw toxins from the soil.

    Tip: Make sure that your hemp comes from EU-certified crops. So you can be sure that the hemp grows on healthy and pollutant-free soil and that your CBD flowers are of perfect quality.

    Misconception 4: CBD flowers are not psychoactive

    CBD doesn't get you high. That's correct - but it doesn't mean that CBD is not a psychoactive substance. In fact, every molecule that changes our brain and our perception is psychoactive. Both caffeine and cannabidiol are psychoactive substances.

    Important: Because CBD is not intoxicating, it is one of the food supplements in Germany. As long as the CBD contains a maximum of 0.2% THC, CBD products can be freely sold in Germany.

    Misconception 5: The color allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality

    The color and consistency have nothing to do with the quality of the CBD flowers. Only the cultivation method can be recognized by the color:

    • Outdoor CBD flowers are usually darker in color. Such flowers are also slightly more humid and softer than the dry and firm indoor CBD flowers.

    • Indoor CBD flowers are often lighter than outdoor CBD flowers. This is mainly due to the fact that hemp growers can optimize and control indoor parameters such as temperature and humidity.

    So how can you spot high quality CBD buds? The smell! High-quality CBD flowers have a subtle and natural smell that can increase when the flowers are crushed or broken open. Inferior flowers, on the other hand, often smell strongly fruity or artificial.
  • How to support your health with natural CBD oil

    Buy CBD Oil Health
    Often discussed, sometimes underestimated and yet again and again appreciated - the CBD oil has long since proven its effect and so more and more naturopaths and medical professionals are recognizing and relying on this oil as a valuable means for treating very different symptoms of illness.

    What is behind the name CBD oil?

    Behind our valuable CBD oil is a valuable combination of natural active ingredients from the pure cannabis plant. The special oil obtained contains many healthy ingredients including the special cannabinoids. This includes the following active ingredients:

    1. CBC- an anti-inflammatory and analgesic cannaboid that has a positive effect on cell renewal.

    2. CBD, which is also used to relieve pain and

    3. CBDA, which has an antiemetic effect and combats nausea.

    In addition, numerous other ingredients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins such as vitamins B1 and B2, high-quality minerals and trace elements, chlorophyll and carotenoids create an incredible CBD oil effect that sets free numerous healing processes in your body.

    The first-class CBD oil, which can also be bought from us under CBD oil, has not yet been fully scientifically researched and is still healing, used as a pain reliever and remedy in many disease processes and convinces with its soothing, relaxing and antibacterial effect. Your immune system is supported by the effects of the CBD oil and your body can concentrate its power entirely on fighting the disease. The gentle and effective CBD-NOL is now also successfully used in medicinal medicine to eliminate anxiety, alleviate epilepsy, prevent cancer, treat depression and heal skin problems. Chronic diseases and diabetes, rheumatism, addictions, Alzheimer's, osteoarthritis and many other diseases and symptoms can be effectively treated with the versatile CBD oil. The oil unfolds its valuable effects as an anti-inflammatory, preventative and pain reliever.

    You should consider the CBD oil dosage as an important factor

    For mild and simple complaints, three drops of the 5 percent CBD oil are sufficient in the morning and evening for the first week. In the second week, the dosage can be increased by 5 drops. If you have more severe symptoms, we recommend 3 drops in the morning and evening for the first 2 weeks and 5 drops 3 times a day for the third week. Just 3 drops of a 2 percent oil in the morning and in the evening help against stomach cramps and insomnia. If you suffer from anxiety or nervousness you should take this 3 times a day. Of course there are also chronic ailments and serious illnesses that are associated with constant pain. You can use the 10 percent oil for one week with 4 drops in the morning and in the evening and in the second week with 5 drops. Depending on the pain, the dose can also be increased a little. Just like all other preparations, the dosage of course always depends on your weight, state of health and any allergies. A professional assessment is certainly not wrong here. So you can fully exploit the unique benefits and healing powers of CBD oil for yourself and your body.
  • 5 Myths about CBD oil

    myths cbd oil
    There are numerous myths and misconceptions about CBD oil. In our article, we introduce you to the 5 most common myths about CBD oil so that you are better informed. Have fun while reading!

    Myth 1: "All CBD oils are the same"

    All types of coffee are not created equal, are they? Cannabidiol is a complex natural substance that, in addition to cannabidiol, contains a wide range of useful plant molecules such as terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids.

    CBD oils from different plant sources often have very different ingredients - even if both oils contain the same dose of CBD. That means: Different CBD oils can affect your body in different ways.

    Tip: When choosing your CBD oil, pay attention to the source of the CBD (for example hemp or cannabis) and the type of CBD oil. In many cases, a so-called full spectrum CBD oil is the best choice - such oils contain the entire range of different cannabinoids and valuable botanicals of the hemp plant.

    Myth 2: "CBD works like THC only without intoxication"

    This is a common misconception. CBD works very differently than THC because it interacts differently with the body's endocannabinoid system and affects our body in different ways. From serotonin and pain receptors to enzymes.

    Myth 3: "The effect of CBD oil has not been proven"

    It is correct: Research on CDB is still in its infancy and the exact way in which CBD works for various ailments needs further research.

    Even so, there are countless studies that have examined CBD and its effects on the human body. In the USA, for example, CBD is an approved drug for the treatment of epileptic seizures in children. There are also studies on CBD and physical pain, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, neurodermatitis or chronic pain.

    Myth 4: "More CBD is better"

    This is wrong for a variety of reasons:

    • Products with higher CBD content may be less effective than full-spectrum CBD products with less CBD but more terpenes and other cannabinoids.

    • How you take CBD also affects how it works. If you just swallow your CBD oil, the CBD will pass through your digestive tract without entering your bloodstream. Swirling CBD oil around in your mouth for a minute before swallowing has a better effect - even if the dose is lower.

    • According to clinical studies, very high doses (1,000+ mg / day) increase the risk of side effects such as tiredness, decreased appetite, or digestive problems. Once the dose was cut in half to 500 mg per day (which is still a huge amount) the side effects decreased.

    Myth 5: "CBD works within a few hours"

    Don't expect miracles overnight. For some people, CBD may actually improve symptoms immediately - but these are rather exceptional cases. If this is your first time trying CBD, you probably won't feel a thing at first. Often, CBD has to be taken for several days or weeks until the first changes are noticeable.

    Tip: Determine beforehand why you are taking CBD. Then, over time, watch how your symptoms develop. It is best to keep a CBD diary, where you record the time, dosage and effect.