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Rolls® Smart Filters



Our product has been specially developed to capture pollutants and also to reduce the temperature through the innovative cooling system.

Rolls Filter

Less harmful, more fun!

What do the Rolls® Smart Filters look like and what are they used forThe filters are delivered in various attractive pre-packs, which differ in size. The Rolls ® Smart-Filters are more than just an ordinary filter, they consist of two parts: Inside there is a hidden "classic" filter made from a special material that we have developed ourselves over many years. Our goal is to collect as many pollutants as possible and to include all "non-harmful substances", i.e. to inhale the substances we want to breathe through the filter. The second part, which points towards the mouth, is designed with a unique and special cooling system. Using the latest laser technology, several rows of inlet holes are engraved, which ensure that additional fresh air is inhaled and thus a pleasantly cool smoke is created.

Content: 60 pc.

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