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actiTube Slim Activated Carbon Filter
actiTube Carbon Filter
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actiTube Slim Activated Carbon Filter


The new actiTube SLIM filter is thinner and shorter than the "normal", and is filled with very high quality smaller activated carbon to ensure Tune's customary filtration capability. The SLIM filter has 2 ceramic caps, i. the insertion direction no longer needs to be considered. Like all Tune products it is made in Germany.
Activated carbon filters out a high proportion of harmful condensates from the smoke. A large part of the pollutants stick to the activated carbon and is disposed of during the filter change. The smoke is pleasantly mild, without affecting the effect. By using an actiTube activated carbon filter, most of the pollutants are filtered by the activated carbon and are not inhaled. As a result, the smoke is cooled and pleasantly mild in taste. The bitter taste in the mouth is largely prevented. When used correctly (small puffs), the effect is often felt to be stronger.
To ensure maximum filtration, actiTube uses only the highest quality activated carbon in pellet form (no charcoal) and fills the filters completely (if the filter is poorly filled, the smoke will find a way around the coal and the filtration capacity will be greatly reduced). The activated carbon used by us is entirely of vegetable origin.
Further advantages of the Tune activated carbon filter system:
- the taste is improved
- The lung is less stressed
- The pipe stays clean longer
- Scratchy smoke mixtures taste gentle
- Pure smoking is made easier
Every winter actiTube gets more complaints that the filters clog up and unpleasant discharge of the cap arises. This is too high a temperature difference between hot smoke and cold activated carbon where smoke and moisture condense in the filter instead of being filtered. In this case, we recommend that you store the filters in a warm place before use (such as heating, PC, stereo) and, if necessary, stop smoking outdoors. If this happens while warm, it should be avoided by using smaller trains to prevent hot-smoking and to make sure that the filters have not been stored in a cool place (eg windowsill or on the floor).
Incidentally, the Tune activated charcoal filters have a special end cap, which, unlike conventional activated carbon filters, does not clog even at joints and reliably keeps the condensate out of the mouth!
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