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Dr. Nice CBD Vape Set
  • Dr. Nice CBD Vape Set
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Dr. Nice CBD Vape Set



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Dr. Nice CBD Vape Pen Set
Dr. Nice CBD Vape Set has been chosen by Shantibaba for its efficiency, design and ease of use to deliver the purest form of organic CBD.
Steam cartridge (CBD oil, 0.5 ml)
Vape pen battery
USB charger for vape pen
Product description:
Metal, glass and ceramics make up this reusable kit, which uses no inorganic material. This unique liquid is made without the use of solvents, glycerine or thinners and is made from a unique hemp variety selected by Mr. Nice Seed Bank. This product has been analyzed and contains 46% CBD and undetectable amounts of THC. No synthesized CBD isolate is used in the preparation of this product.

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