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Into the Wild – Bio SOS Balsam - CBDNOL

Into the Wild - Organic SOS Balm



Balm for the skin
BioBloom's SOS balm contains only organic natural products. BioBloom uses high quality hemp oil as its main ingredient. Hemp oil has been used for centuries as a natural healing and care product. It is recommended for skin irritation, itching or dry lips. The valuable oil ensures a balanced moisture balance of the skin. The linoleic acids contained in hemp oil can not be produced by the body, but supply the organism with very valuable and healthy care substances.
The best of nature
The contained mango butter and cocoa butter nourish the skin and stimulate regeneration. The coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and provides the skin with a natural boost. The antioxidants accelerate wound healing, in open or inflamed areas of the skin. Marigold extract and evening primrose extract complement the ingredients of SOS Balsam. The marigold extract inhibits inflammation of the skin and also promotes wound healing. Marigolds are not only beautiful to look at, but also score points with their healing properties. The SOS balm is a natural power mix that will convince you with its skin compatibility and supportive effect on skin irritation, skin irritation and dryness. Complete renunciation of fragrances and flavorings is a matter of course at BioBloom.
SOS Balsam uses the forces of nature. A finished natural product is a prerequisite and quality feature for all available CBDNOL products at the same time.
Apply SOS Balsam to irritated skin, gently massage in and leave to soak.
Hemp oil, mango butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, evening primrose extract CO2, marigold extract CO

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