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Shifa oil
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Shifa CBD Öl Vollspektrum

Shifa Oil


With genetics from the CBD Crew - rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.
Pure natural ingredients, with biological carrier oils.
Variants: Shifa CBD oil 3% and 6%. Shifa CBD Oil Pets for your pet.
We use selected plants of the highest CBD quality, with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and over 40 terpenes. Analyzed by the Fundación CANNA - so you know what you get. Our products are also certified by Shantibaba, Owner of Mr. Nice Seedbank & Co-Owner of the CBD Crew, with years of experience and in-depth understanding of this amazing plant.
In Shifa CBD Oil Pets, the percentage of CBD is slightly lower. Mixture with grape seed oil.
Shifa CBD Oil 3% and 6% Ingredients:
Organic sesame oil (carrier), CBD hemp extract.
Analyzed by the Canna fundacion.
Produced with love.
The proprietary CBD-infused oils "CBD Shifa Oil" are made with all natural ingredients, love and care for the consumer.
We use a selected phenomenon for the highest quality of CBD, a full spectrum of cannabinoids and over 40 terpenes. All data is analyzed by the trusted Fundación CANNA so you know what you are consuming.
It is important to stay true to the plant and its benefits. That's why we firmly believe in the entourage and natural composition of cannabinoids and terpenes.
The oil is made in different strengths, 3% and 6% for different needs and one for our beloved pets.
We chose to use organic sesame oil as the carrier oil because it has historically been a highly regarded oil for ayurvedic applications, suitable for both internal and external use.
It is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, lecithin, linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid.
Other benefits of sesame oil include the ability to improve hair and skin health, promote bone growth, lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and depression, protect infant health, cure dental problems, improve the digestive process, and reduce inflammation to alleviate

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