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Mighty Vaporizer - CBDNOL
  • Mighty Vaporizer - CBDNOL
  • Mighty Vaporizer - CBDNOL

Mighty Medic

Storz & Bickel


The MIGHTY MEDIC is the first
approved mobile cannabis inhalator.

Mighty Medic Vaporizer

The MIGHTY MEDIC is intended for vaporization and subsequent inhalation of cannabinoids. The aim is the application of the active ingredients in the human body via the alveoli (alveoli) with appropriate medical indication. It is suitable for the temporary inhalation administration of prescribed cannabinoids.
The operation of the MIGHTY MEDIC is self-explanatory by means of the plus / minus buttons and the clearly visible LED display: as soon as the actual temperature matches the individually set temperature, the device is ready for operation. This is additionally signaled by a short double vibration. The personally preferred temperature can be adjusted gradually by the adjustment option directly on the device during evaporation. The MIGHTY MEDIC has two lithium-ion batteries. The battery pack allows a long service life and a large radius of action. The MIGHTY MEDIC can be operated with completely discharged battery via the power supply unit.
Complete heating of the flow air
Precise control electronics
2 high performance batteries
Precise temperature control
Automatic shutdown
The MIGHTY MEDIC evaporates using combined air and radiant heating. The air heater provides instant and continuous evaporation, while the radiant heater ensures that steam is generated at the first breath.

The scope of delivery includes dosing capsules which can be pre-filled, stored in the magazine and inserted in the filling chamber before use. Patients can thus carry their daily requirement packaged in single doses.

Mighty Medic

For quick and clean filling of the filling chamber integrated in the hot air generator you can use the supplied filling aid. This is placed on the filling chamber instead of the cooling unit. The cooling unit ensures the cooling down of the steam and ensures optimum taste and a full aroma.
With a size of 14.0 x 8.0 x 3.0 cm and a weight of only 230 g, the MIGHTY MEDIC is a mobile, battery-powered and high-performance evaporator from STORZ & BICKEL.

Patents: EP 2 599 512, US 9,272,103, CA 2,797,897


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