Volcano Digit Verdampfungssystem - CBDNOL
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Volcano Digit Verdampfungssystem - CBDNOL
  • Volcano Digit Verdampfungssystem - CBDNOL
  • Volcano Digit Verdampfungssystem - CBDNOL
  • Volcano Digit Verdampfungssystem - CBDNOL

Volcano Medic Vaporization System

Storz & Bickel


The VOLCANO MEDIC Vaporization System resolves two medical-technical problems at the same time: the inhalative delivery of cannabinoids from liquid and solid sources. The VOLCANO MEDIC Vaporization System allows, for the first time, the medical inhalation therapy with liquid cannabinoids dissolved in alcohol. In addition, it allows for the inhalation therapy with cannabinoids directly from dried hemp flowers. Until now the inhalation therapy with cannabinoids was limited to smoking hemp flowers which is medically questionable. Utilizing the VOLCANO MEDIC Vaporization System the cannabinoids are solved (vaporized) by heat impact only. Unlike smoking, combustion does not occur. Thus, the development of noxious combustion substances is avoided. The VOLCANO MEDIC Vaporization System primarily consists of a Hot Air Generator and a detachable Valve Balloon. Due to the independent components, the vaporization process and the inhalation process are separated in time and space, making the inhalation very safe for the user, as the patient is not in contact with the heat or the electricity of the Hot Air Generator during inhalation from the Valve Balloon. For the vaporization process, cannabinoids are placed within the Filling Chamber and are locked in place on the Hot Air Generator. The empty Valve Balloon is placed on top of the Filling Chamber opening the valve automatically. When the Hot Air Generator reaches the desired temperature, the air pump is switched on and the hot air will stream through the Filling Chamber and initiate the vaporization of cannabinoids. The air/aerosol mixture that is generated is pumped into the Valve Balloon and cools down to the ambient temperature due to the large surface of the Valve Balloon. As soon as enough aerosol has filled the Valve Balloon, the air pump is switched off and the Valve Balloon is detached from the Filling Chamber, causing the valve to close automatically. For inhalation, the Moutphiece is attached to the valve of the filled Valve Balloon. By gently pressing your lips against the Mouthpiece the valve opens and the cannabinoid aerosol can be inhaled. As soon as the pressure is taken off the Mouthpiece the valve automatically closes.

Patents: DE 100 42 396, DE 198 03 376, EP 0 933 093, EP 1 884 254, US 6,513,524


  • 1 pc. VOLCANO MEDIC Hot Air Generator
  • 5 pcs. MEDIC VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece
  • 3 pcs. Lip Piece
  • 1 pc. Filling Chamber
  • 3 pcs. Filling Chamber Clip
  • 1 pc. Filling Chamber Ring
  • 1 pc. Normal Screen Set (approx. Ø 30 mm)
  • 1 pc. Liquid Pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm)
  • 1 pc. VOLCANO MEDIC Air Filter Set
  • 1 pc. Herb Mill (approx. Ø 55 mm)
  • 1 pc. Cleaning Brush
  • 1 pc. Instructions for Use

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