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CBD E-Book: Ultimative Guide to CBD

You can download our CBD E-book "The Ultimate Guide to CBD in Germany" for free in German or English.

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                  CBD E-Book: Ultimative Guide to CBD             CBD E-Book: Ultimative Guide to CBD




Just a few years ago, cannabidiol (CBD) was largely unknown. Nowadays, CBD is well known to most people and makes a name for itself in many countries around the world - for good reason. Science has proven that CBD has health benefits and can help with many ailments - mental health problems, nausea, vomiting, eating disorders, cancer, epilepsy and many other mental and physical illnesses.

In this ebook we are dealing with the miraculous herb. The ebook serves as a guide that answers all questions on the topic and brings you cannabidiol closer. We'll explain the benefits CBD offers, how you consume CBD, if there are risks, how to cook with CBD, and much more.

Let's start with the story of CBD. Or should we say, with one of the biggest misconceptions in human history?

CBD E-Book: Ultimative Guide to CBD

 Chapter 1. The story of CBD


The CBD story begins in 1940 with the American chemist Roger Adams. Adams was the first person to successfully isolate CBD from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. His contribution to the discovery of CBD ends here because Adams has not quite realized what he has achieved there.

More than 20 years later (1963), Israeli chemist Raphael Mechoulam published his seminal work on THC and CBD. In contrast to Adams, Mechoulam not only isolated cannabidiol from the approximately 1,000 substances of the hemp plant, but also tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). He has shown in scientific studies that CBD has a therapeutic effect and can cure various diseases - and in contrast to THC causes no change in consciousness.

With his work Mechoulam clarified one of the biggest misunderstandings of the 20th century. He proved what folk medicine has known for thousands of years: cannabis can be curative and does not have to be high. By the way, Mechoulam also made sure that Israeli companies now own more than 80 percent of the world's cannabis patents.

In 2013, for the first time, CBD gained worldwide recognition among the general public. A little girl had a decisive part in it.

Charlotte Figi was born in 2006 in Colorado, USA. Charlotte had her first epileptic seizure 30 minutes after giving birth. At the age of two, doctors diagnosed Charlotte's Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte cognitive back and showed symptoms of autism. Within a year, she had stopped talking, could not eat and sat in a wheelchair. She took seven different types of aggressive drugs that overwhelmed her little body. At the age of only five, Charlotte struggled with up to 300 seizures a week - in some cases it took up to four hours.

Charlotte's parents Matt and Paige had tried everything, but nothing helped. Charlotte's condition worsened and doctors put her into an artificial coma. The prognosis was anything but good. Matt and Paige signed a non-revival statement.

A glimmer of hope

It was Charlotte's grandfather who first heard about cannabis for the treatment of children. Modern medicine had no answers and Charlotte had nothing left to lose. Why not try this weird cannabis oil that Matt and Paige got their hands on? In the first week, Charlotte's seizures reduced from 300+ to zero.

CBD E-Book: Ultimative Guide to CBD


CBD had changed the life of Charlotte, Matt and Paige in no time at all. Matt and Paige contacted local hemp growers and developed a hybrid of industrial hemp and low THC marijuana. They called their hemp variety Charlottes-Web - named after the little girl from Colorado whose life CBD had saved.

"Why were we the ones who had to go to find this cure? Why did not any of the doctors tell me anything? Why did not they alert me to this natural remedy? "

- Matt Figi, father of Charlotte, in an interview with CNN.

... The turning point ...

Charlotte's story was the global breakthrough for CBD. People who had failed the medical system suddenly regained hope. The science carried out new studies. At the same time, the image of the hemp plant improved abruptly: After a referendum in 2012 Colorado legalized as the first US state of marijuana. Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont recovered. Countries like Uruguay, Canada or Georgia too. And with Luxembourg, the first European country is now in the starting blocks.