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CBDNOL® and sustainability:
What we do for the environment

The problem

Whether it is CO2 emissions, deforestation or a shortage of raw materials: Mother Earth groans under the strain that we humans cause. Actually, we all know that it cannot go on like this. Everyone should rethink and contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation. That is why our sustainability concept is a central element of the CBDNOL company philosophy.

"CBDNOL wants to take responsibility, act sustainably - and always find new, better ways to minimize environmental pollution."
- Christian Eckmair, Managing Director at CBDNOL

Our contribution

Ecological filling material
We use ecological filling material made from GMO-free corn starch and water. The filling material looks like styrofoam, but does not contain any plastic and is 100% biodegradable.

We also use upholstery cushions from Karopack. The waste cardboard and waste paper produced by CBDNOL are processed and put into paper bags. The result is a reusable and dust-free cushion with excellent cushioning properties. This creates a recycling cycle that not only protects your products during transport, but also relieves the burden on the environment.

Maximum sustainability
CBDNOL makes every production step as sustainable as possible. We only use green electricity, keep our CO2 footprint low and also plant a tree every day.

High quality glass containers
From the manufacturing process to packaging: At CBDNOL we minimize our plastic consumption and pack all of our products in high-quality and recyclable glass containers.

Continuous development
Even good solutions can be better. That's why we at CBDNOL are constantly questioning the status quo and are always looking for ways to refine our sustainability concept.

ECO electricity
Each of our CBDNOL branches has been supplied with eco-electricity since August 2020. The electricity is generated 100% from natural, renewable energy sources such as wind power, sunlight, small hydropower and biomass.

No microplastics
We rely on nature instead of chemistry! That is why all of our products are sustainably produced and free from artificial additives. Our CBD cosmetic products do not contain any microplastics.

CBDNOL® and sustainability


Frequent questions about the sustainability concept

Where does the corn for the filling material come from?
The corn for the filling material of CBDNOL comes from industrial use. So we don't use corn that was grown as food or forage. Our industrial corn is produced in Germany under the most environmentally friendly conditions.

How can I dispose of the filling material?
You can simply dispose of the corn filling material from CBDNOL with the organic waste or on your compost - the flakes are then broken down naturally and with absolutely no residue. Or you can dissolve the filling material in water and use it as a pouring fertilizer for your plants!

You can easily dispose of our upholstery cushions from karopack in the waste paper.

Why is microplastic so harmful?
Plastics such as microplastics find their way into our oceans via sewage and rainwater. In addition, sewage treatment plants can only partially filter microplastics - the remnants are either burned or end up on agricultural land again. Microplastics are not biodegradable and can hardly be removed from the environment. If microplastics enter the human body via the food chain, the plastic can have a carcinogenic effect, among other things. That's why we at CBDNOL do everything we can to ensure that our products are free from microplastics (and all other pollutants). You'll find more about it here:

CBDNOL Qualitätsversprechen.

CBDNOL® and sustainability: