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Bio Hanftee (40g) - CBDNOL

Organic Hemp Tea (40g)



Loose organic hemp leaves, allergen-free, lactose-, gluten-, sugar-, yeast-free, vegan from the Waldviertel in Austria.

Ingredients: 100% dried organic hemp leaves
Brew 1-2 teaspoons per cup with hot water and leave for about 6 minutes.
Only THC-restricted (<0.2% THC) EU-certified hemp varieties approved for the food industry are used.
Hemp crop:
The harvest of organic hemp leaves takes place before the hemp plant attaches to the inflorescence. During this time, the content of beneficial phytochemicals is highest.
The strong green hemp leaves are harvested on sunny days, removed from the stems and gently dried in a ventilated drying plant at low temperatures. As a result, the precious essential oils of the medicinal plant remain particularly well preserved. These are said to have a calming, muscle-relaxing, appetite-stimulating, analgesic and antibiotic effect.
Netto-Weight: 40 g
Well sealed, store protected from heat and in a dry place.
From time of delivery, if stored properly, it can be stored for at least 10 months.

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