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BioBloom Hemp Drops 8% - CBDNOL
BioBloom hemp drops 8%
  • BioBloom hemp drops 8%
  • BioBloom hemp drops 8%
  • BioBloom hemp drops 8%
  • BioBloom hemp drops 8%

BioBloom Hemp Drops 8%


8% Organic Hemp Drops Raw & Natural 10ml
Highest organic quality
High bioavailability
Without artificial additives.
100% vegan
AC Certified
Organic hemp drops RAW & NATURAL are completely natural and are composed of Co2 extracted organic hemp extract and a gently pressed organic hemp seed oil.
It is very important to us to keep our products in their natural form and not to enrich them with artificial additives or to concentrate them with CBD pure substances.
Due to their naturalness, the BioBloom drops not only have a higher bioavailability, but in addition to natural CBD and CBDA contain all the important ingredients of a healthy hemp plant.
All BioBloom products are subject to strict quality controls and were additionally tested by the patient association Arge-Canna in an independent laboratory and certified with the drop of quality.


BioBloom Hemp Drops 8%
Daily dose: 2 x 7 drops
Hemp seed oil: ~ 30%
Hemp extract: ~ 70%
CBD / CBDA: 768 mg
THC: <0.2%
CBD, CBN, CBG: ~ 0.05%
Other Ingredients: Terpene, Minerals, Flavonoids.
Nutritional information per 10ml:
Energy: 343 kj / 84 kcal
Fat: 9260 mg
Omega-3: 200 mg
Omega-6: 770 mg
Vitamin E: 15 mg
The ingredients may be subject to natural variations as it is a natural product.
Shake well before use.
Store at room temperature.
Keep out of the reach of children.
We dilute our extracts with very little hempseed oil. Therefore, the consistency of the drops is slightly thicker, the taste more intense, but the drops all the more high quality.

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