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Blueberry CBD Pollen
  • Blueberry CBD Pollen
  • Cheese CBD Pollen
  • Mango CBD Pollen
  • Blueberry/ Cheese/ Mango CBD Pollen Test

Blueberry/ Cheese/ Mango CBD Pollen


Pollen with hemp terpenes pressed into different varieties and in cubes, made from 100% certified organic EU hemp. It contains 5% CBD and less than 0.2% THC. Packed with screw cap with 1g pollen and laboratory report on the back.
Aroma: Blueberry: Blueberry, sweet.
            Mango Kush: Tropical, Mango.
            Cheese Pollen: Cheese, Earthy.
Contents: 1g
Ingredients: Hemp Extract Flower Dust (Cannabis Sativa L.)


CBD: 5% THC: <0.2%

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