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Canlife Lemon Kush - CBDNOL
  • Canlife Lemon Kush - CBDNOL
  • Canlife Lemon Kush - CBDNOL

Canlife Lemon Kush


Hemp lemonade with lime terpenes from the hemp plant. Refreshingly delicious, it has a relaxing and mood-lifting effect and increases well-being.

Characteristic of the innovative CanLife Lemon Kush hemp lemonade in a can is that it complements the classic fruity notes and the sparkling carbonic acid with a slightly tart to bitter aftertaste. The hemp plant species Lemon Kush was processed, which contains terpenes like limonene and is therefore suitable for a refreshing drink with citrus notes. The unique CanLife Lemon Kush hemp lemonade is 100% legal and deliciously rebellious. The CanLife drink is just right for relaxing, as well as for partying in the summer. The lemonade does not contain any artificial additives. It is vegan and not too sweet. If you like, you can use it to mix cocktails.

Hemp-containing deceleration drink

Ingredients: Water, natural sugar, carbonic acid, acidifier: citric acid, natural lemon, liemette and hemp flavour with kush terpenes.

Average nutritional value per 100ml
Calorific value: 160kJ (36kcal)
Protein: Carbohydrates: 9,1g
- thereof sugar: 9,1g
Fat: - of which saturated fatty acids: Sodium:0,0075g

Origin of CanLife Lemon Kush Hemp Lemonade: Germany
Alcohol content: 0% Vol

Content: 0,25l

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