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Cannabis Lollipops
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Cannabis Lollipops



Cannabis Lollipops: Bubblegum X Strawberry Haze or Purple Haze.
These cannabis lollipops with bubblegum, strawberry and hemp flavor are perhaps the best lollipops you'll ever taste. These Bubblegum x Strawberry Haze lollipops are made with real cannabis oil. These weed drops look like a pink chewing gum ball and taste like chewing gum and strawberry with a touch of hemp.
Hemp is the most intense taste. But the combination of ingredients in these bubblegum x strawberry haze lollipops makes these pops very tasteful!
Taste: chewing gum, strawberry and hemp or purple haze.
Contains cannabis oil.
Does not contain THC.
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, chewing gum, acidity regulator (citric acid, sodium bicarbonate), natural hemp, fruit flavors, humectants: glycerin, dyes: E16

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