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CBD Hanfblüten Purple Widow
  • CBD Hanfblüten Purple Widow
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CBD Hemp Flowers - Purple Widow



CBD hemp flowers Purple Widow with 8% CBD content. Our CBD buds "Purple Widow" are greenhouse-grown, CBD and cannabinoid-rich hemp flowers. The CBD content is about 8% and the THC content less than 0.2%. The hemp plants are grown organically and are tested for cannabinoids, bacteria, pollutants, fungi and mold in the laboratory. The carefully selected hemp flowers are rich in terpene, CBDa and CBD.
Ingredients: Dried CBD-rich hemp flowers without seeds (Cannabis Sativa L.)
Aroma: Sweet, Mango, Woody.
CBD & CBDa: about 8% THC: <0.2%
Our hemp plants are grown according to the EU food standard, as well as genetic engineering and are legally available throughout the EU. Certified EU organic hemp registered in the EU strain catalog. The name "Purple Widow" serves for product marketing only.
According to Agency for Food Security (AGES), not approved for consumption.

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