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CBD E-Liquid Base Vape Additive
  • CBD E-Liquid Base Vape Additive
  • CBD E-Liquid  Additive

CBD E-Liquid Base Vape Additive 1000mg

Breathe Organics


Premium CBD E-Liquid Base Vape Additive 1000mg

✓ 100% PG Base

✓ 1000mg CBD; 0% THC

✓ No chemicals, artificial flavors, fillers or additives, 100% nicotine-free

✓ from CBD isolate, gently extracted from sustainably grown EU industrial hemp

Are you looking for a CBD liquid but you don't have your favorite flavor? Then you can now make your own CBD liquid with our CBD Liquid Base. Simply divide the concentrated base (1000mg, 10%) in the desired strength into your normal e-liquid. It has never been so easy to make CBD Liquid!

99.96% pure cannabidiol from EU hemp, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, tasteless

The CBD Liquid is not suitable for consumption! First mix the liquid with an aroma or conventional e-liquid and fill it into an e-cigarette. Not a medicine. Does not serve to cure diseases.

Use: The base is not suitable for direct evaporation. It has to be mixed first! For use in e cigarettes and vaporizers.

Dosage: The CBD Liquid Base contains 1000mg of CBD. Depending on the desired mg strength, add a quarter to half of a normal e-liquid. Then take a few puffs a day, ideally in the evening.

Taste: tasteless
Content: 10 ml 

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