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CBD Vital Full Spectrum Oil ORIGIN

CBD Vital


CBD Vital uses only selected hemp plants with high CBD and low THC content for the CBD full spectrum oil URSPRUNG.

Through a special pressing process without heat or extraction agents, the full power of the hemp plant is preserved.

  • 20 ml contain approx. 550 drops
  • Free from synthetic ingredients
  • Contains the natural plant substance spectrum
  • Sustainable, vegan and GMO-free
  • Safe manufacturing process
  • THC-free
Consumption recommendation: Drop the CBD oil directly into the mouth under the tongue onto the oral mucosa according to the application recommendation. The drops should be kept in the mouth for a short time before swallowing.

Ingredients: Organic hemp oil (from controlled organic cultivation).

Contents: 20ml

  • Full spectrum oil ORIGIN Classic 420 mg CBD (per 20 ml)
  • Full spectrum oil ORIGIN Intense 840 mg CBD (per 20 ml)

Shows no THC content according to accredited and validated THC analysis method for food (GC-MS).

100g contain:
Energy 3700kJ/900 kcal
Fat 100,1g
thereof saturated fatty acids 11,3g
of which unsaturated fatty acids 15,0g
of which polyunsaturated fatty acids 73.7g
contains small amounts of carbohydrates, sugar, protein and salt

Obtained from cold pressing process. Shake before use. Store upright, cool and away from light. The refrigerator is an ideal place to store.

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