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CBD Vital Sleep Drops
  • CBD Vital Sleep Drops
  • CBD Vital Sleep Drops

CBD Vital Sleep Drops

CBD Vital


With hemp and melatonin for a restful sleep


Hemp, lemon balm and orange blossom as well as selected micronutrients.

For a good night's sleep thanks to the power of plants.

Traditionally used for a long time.

  • With melatonin
  • To improve the quality of sleep
  • With lemon balm and orange peel extract
  • With selected micronutrients
  • Contains alcohol
  • For a good night's sleep
  • Free from lactose, fructose and gluten

Many people suffer from sleep problems with nocturnal startles and restless hours, which reduces the ability to concentrate and increases daytime sleepiness.

With the sleep drops you can improve the quality of your sleep over the long term. Hemp, lemon balm and orange blossom as well as selected micronutrients (melatonin, vitamin B6, folic acid) ensure a good night's sleep. Melatonin plays a key role in regulating the sleep-wake cycle and helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep. The formula also contains pure, quickly available melatonin for rapid effects. The two B vitamins support the body's own melatonin production during the night and thus ensure a permanent supply of sleep hormones. The formula is completed by lemon balm leaf extract and bitter orange peel extract, which have always been used traditionally.


Recommended intake: Take 20 drops neat or in water, juice or tea at a sufficient distance from the last meal about an hour before going to bed. Shake well before use. Tip: Put 20 drops in hemp flower tea and drink with a little cream and honey before going to bed.

Ingredients daily dose(20 drops) % NRV*
bitter orange extract
267,7 mg -
lemon balm leaf extract
214,1 mg -
hemp leaf decoct
114,4 mg -
Vitamin B6/pyridoxine 1,4 mg 100 %
Melatonin 1,0 mg -
Folic acid
200 mcg 100%

*Percent of the Recommended General Daily Allowance

IngredientsBitter orange peel liquid extract, ethanol, lemon balm leaf extract, distilled water, hemp leaf decoct, pyridoxine HCl, melatonin, sweetener: Stevia rebaudioside A, folic acid. Alcohol content 66% v / v.

Content: 30ml

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