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CBDNOL Clipper



CLIPPER is a pioneer of lighter and accessory production. Clipper was founded in 1959 by FLAMAGAS S.A. founded in Barcelona. The cylindrical shape was designed in 1970 by the well-known designer Enric Sarda. Today, CLIPPER is a global icon for millions of smokers around the world.
CLIPPER is a leader in the refill market. The superior quality and high standard reflect our safety and reliability. As for quality and design, there is no better!
Did you know that every year we make hundreds of different collections around the world? This is how CLIPPER MANIA began a few years ago. A global phenomenon that has turned our lighter into a valuable and collectable piece. Discover how far we have evolved. The time flies by!
The removable flint system can be used as an ideal packaging tool for pressing tobacco.

CBDNOL Clipper

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