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CCELL Silo Cartridge Evaporator
  • CCELL Silo Cartridge Evaporator
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CCELL Silo Cartridge Evaporator



CCELL Silo works with almost every 510 cartridge and heats up up to 180 times per charge when you inhale!

CCELL silo can be magnetically connected to most pre-filled cartridges with 510 threads. Instead of the normal button operation, the silo heats up when you inhale in order to achieve the perfect crack. The internal 500 mAh battery is suitable for approx. 180 charging processes per charge and is charged via micro USB. The silo is a great everyday device with an aluminum alloy shell that is tough enough to handle everyday transportation in your pocket, backpack, or pocket!

Main features:

-Activates by inhalation
-LED activation indicator
-Compatible with most pre-filled cartridges
-2x magnetic 510 thread pieces
- Up to 180 drawings per charge. 500 mAh battery capacity.
-Micro USB charging. Color: gray / black.

Easy to handle:

Attach one of the magnetic adapters to your loaded 510 cartridge, insert it into the CCell silo and you're ready to go. The silo evaporator is activated automatically when you inhale.

Items supplied:

CCELL Silo 510 cartridge evaporator
2x magnet adapter
Micro USB cable

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