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Clipper Classic Large

Clipper Classic Large "Soft Touch"



CLIPPER, an icon
Its conical shape compared to conventional lighters and the profound knowledge of consumers, for more than 40 years, make it a unique and iconic object. The CLIPPER was developed in Barcelona in 1970 by the avant-garde designer Enric Sardá for FLAMAGAS S.A.
The authentic and rechargeable lighter
You love your favorite lighter and always want to carry it with you? Do not worry, CLIPPER is the only one that is completely renewable, the gas is rechargeable and the flint * can be replaced. So you can use your CLIPPER as long as you want.
Without recharging our lighters, their lives are twice as long as with conventional lighters, since it contains twice as much gas.
* Most conventional rechargeable lighters can only refill the gas and not replace the flint. These must nevertheless be disposed of after the flint has been consumed.
Ideal to stuff!
The practical system of the removable flint, allows its use as a stuffing aid for home-made. What more can one wish for?
Clipper Feuerzeug

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