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dubi Activated Carbon Filter
  • dubi Activated Carbon Filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • dubi Filter
  • dubi Activated Carbon Filter CBDNOL

dubi Activated Carbon Filter


dubi activated carbon filter - everyone is talking about it


So far, no solution has been able to meet our high quality standards and that is why we have been working hard for more than three years on an activated carbon filter that draws well, tastes great and never clogs.

So a filter that is designed to be screwed in.

We have now done that!

smooth smoking pleasure

  • High quality activated carbon made from coconut shells
  • Innovative ceramic caps on both sides
  • A dubi is completely harmless to the environment
  • dubis have a uniquely good draft
  • A dubi remains functional even in freezing temperatures
  • With dubi you can taste what is screwed in
  • Made in Austria

Content: 42 Stk. 

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