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Hanflimonade Zero Bock - CBDNOL
  • Hanflimonade Zero Bock - CBDNOL
  • Hanflimonade Zero Bock - CBDNOL

Hemp lemonade Zero Bock



Hanflimonade, 250ml - The soft drink to chill
100% natural ingredients: elderberry, blueberry, lime, aronia, with hemp & hops flowers. Without taurine, without caffeine, without preservatives.
Hanflimonade, pure or sprayed with water a wonderfully refreshing drink.
MIX IT !!!!
Here are some suggested mixes for the next party, enjoy, cool summer evenings, etc.
Vodka goat
• 4 cl vodka
• Fill up with Zero Bock
• ice cubes
Buck for champagne
• 4 - 6 cl iced Zero Bock
• top up with sparkling wine or Prosecco
Bock on white wine
• 4 cl iced Zero Bock
• fill up with white wine
Captain Zero
• 4cl Captain Morgan, fill up with Zero Bock
• ice cubes
• Lime
Bock meets hunter
• 4cl Jägermeister
• 200ml Zero Bock
• a shot of orange juice
• ice cubes
Hemp cocktail non-alcoholic
• Zero Bock
• limes
• cane sugar
• Mineral water
• ice cubes
• Mint leaves
For a glass: quarter 1 lime and mash with 2-3 mint leaves and 1 teaspoon of cane sugar in the glass, add the ice cubes and fill with Zero Bock and some mineral water, stir. Ready is the perfect summer drink.
Hemp spritzer
• Zero Bock
• Tonic
• Bitter lemon
• Mineral water
• orange juice
• Apple juice
Mix Zero Bock with one of the soft drinks or juices, ice cubes, or a lemon or lime slice.

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